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70-532 Certification



Is this practice exams are up-to-date and any idea what is the percentage of practice Questions in real exams ?


Any news if this is up to date?


No I taken exam and its not up to date 70-532 questions are not up to date


70-532 new syllabus is not covered and I have taken exam and find the question bank is not updated. Please update the questions as per new syllabus.
Also Please update with UI questions such as Drag and drop and arranging the answer in steps.
Please consider my request.



Hi All,

  1. The new set of practice tests will be released by 1st April 2018.
  2. The new practice tests will be based on new syllabus provided in Microsoft Documentation here. The changes in the syllabus can be seen here.

Let me know if you have further queries.


Hi Pavan,
I have taken 70-532 Practice test from Whizlabs. Should i hold giving exam as I was planning to give exam this week?
Would my content would be updated automatically with NEW set of questions?


Hi Varun_Khanna,

I would suggest you to hold on for another week and get familiar with new questions. It will be much more helpful for you.


Hi Pavan,
Any ETA by when these TESTS would be updated?


Updation completed on 1st April. Final review is going on. It will be verified by EOD.


Once you login, you will always see the latest content.


Hi Pavan,
Is review completed? By when we can expect new questionnaire to be published?



Hi Varun!

Practice test 2 and 3 has been updated with new questions. We are making few changes in the Practice test 1. Entire set will be updated in 1-2 days.


Hey @Varun_Khanna how was the test? is this material accurate?


@Dharma are the questions updated?


Yes, all the mock tests for MCSA Azure 70-532 has been updated.


Has anyone taken the tests with the new objectives?


Has anyone taken the test recently? How accurate are the tests?


I pass already 70-532 exam by reading All the Azure Updates https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates that are released day-to-day, you know a lot has changed in Azure. Its not easy to pass 70-532 exam today but reading different [study materials] and books about architecting networking and up to date 70-532 dumps are helpful to pass this exam in short time. If you prepare well then you will passed with a good score of 80-90%.Best of luck.


Can you update the question sets, as newer one contains questions on Kubernetes clusters n AKS.


I took one 4 days ago, passed with 785.
First half of exam was based on real world use cases, when you are given business, technical requirements in addition to few source code pieces and usually 4-6 following questions which you can review as group only.
There were 4 different cases, none of them are in this test questions. Second half was normal multichoice questions, aprx 35 of them, around 15 of them are in this text cases, so to just sum itup, if I look at all question I had, 25% of them are covered here.