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70-535 Practice exams


Hi. Just bought these exams and I like the presentation and general feel of them.

However, I’m concerned about how few scenario questions there are. I was under the impression that there are many more in the real exam, long complex scenarios.

It is clear that these tests aren’t a true representation of the exam as it’s only 80 minutes long, rather than 150 minutes that the exam gives you. Even your own website content states this:

These practice tests seem too easy. I’m a bit disappointed.


Hi Paul,

I’ve tried this exam about six months ago and did not pass then. There were a lot of questions about configuring CI/CD that I’ve never looked at.

This practice exam is quite different than the real exam, I’ve never had to select more than three answers in the real exams. Also there are no drag and drop questions in this practice exam.

The study cases are the same as on the real exam. Although in this practice exam it is easier to analyse the correct answer in the way of questioning. If there are five answers possible and there are five questions following the case you can (mostly) be sure that you have to select a different answer for ever question.

Some of the questions are in my opinion not clear, I’ve sent over 20 feedback mails bud no response yet.

Good luck on your exam.

P.S. The most value on this practice exam is the link supplied with the answer pointing you in the right direction for good reading material.


Hi Arko. I actually took the exam the other day and passed with a fairly good score - 847. My initial gripe with these practise tests, based on my own experience, was somewhat unfounded. The questions in the real exam were fairly similar in format and complexity.

The only criticisms I still hold is the length of the these tests, trying to rush a test isn’t helpful, and that in the exam you can’t move forward and backwards between questions as much as is practise tests, so they seem a little easier than the exam would actually be. But I suppose you can discipline yourself not to move back and forwards between questions and press the pause button to give yourself more time to make it more realistic.

Of course, the key to these tests is understanding the type of questions that may be asked and reading the relevant Azure Docs content to it. Configuring it on ARM is also helpful.

So, for the price, I think these tests are pretty good. They won’t help pass the exam on their own, but certainly help you prepare for the exam by suggesting what to study.

Good luck if you attempt the exam again.


Hi Paul,

Thank you and I agree I’ve had several questions from this practice test. The test I took was about 2 hours and as a none native English speaker I needed all the time.

Passed with a 810 score, the links provided with the answers really helped me but I missed information about API and programming in the practice tests.