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95% score on Whizlabs...ready?


I constantly get 90-95% on Whizlab tests (SysOps Associate). Am I ready to take the exam?

For those who took the exam recently, was your exam score alligned with Whizlab score? or the real exam was more difficult, resulting in a lower score?


Hi Poo,

If you are getting 90+ in SysOps Whizlabs Practice tests, i think its good enough to attend the real exam… Please make sure you have gone through FAQs and Whitepapers…


If you’ve only been doing the tests, it won’t be enough. If you have been making your way through other training plus Whitepapers you’ll be good. I was scoring a 85-93% on the Whizlabs for the Sysops and got a 755 only on the Sysops exam, so practice tests alone, might get you passing, but just barely. I should have spent more time on other items for sure.


Hi Rob,

You are spot on… You should be clear with the concepts before taking the practice tests. Practice tests help you understand in which fields you are weak in and prepare better.

Please check our Online Video course which will be major help in preparation:


@Rob_Higareda Practice tests alone would definitely not get you passing.


If you have remembered answers and getting 95% then you are not ready. just tests are not good enough to face the real one


If you are getting 95% first attempt then you clearly know your stuff. If you are repeating the tests til you know all the answers to those specific questions then you will likely fail.

I did all the tests once and then studied the answers and areas where I was wrong or unsure. I got slightly lower on the actual test so I’d say the real exam is 5-10% harder but there need to be other study sources and hands on to pass.