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It is very comprehensive and best material to crack the exam.


I did not clear my exam last time, and i feel this site will give me confidence that I will be able to take it up again.


Very good set of questions. Many of them were exact same question from the pool. Worth trying them before the exam to test your knoledge. It will build your confidence level.


I passed my Solutions Architect Associate test and can honestly say, I would not have been able to pass without the set of test questions Whizlabs provided! Thanks, Brian


Great experience with Whizlabs. The instructional videos were excellent and the practice exams thorough. I accomplished 2 important things. I passed my CSAA exam and improved the configuration and organization of my existing AWS console.


good coverage of the topics… very comprehensive… excellent explanations…


The material is solid, I used it a lot, going over all tests multiple times and must say I learned a lot. Questions are totally different in the exam but nevertheless this set of questions was essential in passing my exam first time. You learn how to think and approach the exam. I also used " AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate All-in-One Exam Guide (Exam SAA-C01) 1st Edition", and materials from Udemy which I also value very high. I highly recommend Whizlabs exam set for studying this cert. I already purchased additional test to help me study for specialty exam. Good luck.