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Passed Exam with 72% score.


I passed my AWS SysOps exam today and the credit goes to Whizlabs mock test. I took the subscription along with course. However the course is very much outdated. So request people not to take it. The exam section was completely good and have latest questions. You can run through mock test to understand your knowledge and work on the areas which needs improvement. The another good thing above exam is detailed explanation for each answer and that will give you more insight of topic. I can rate 10 for Whizlabs question and answer module and 5 to Course section module.
Thanks Whizlabs once again.


I passed AWS SysOps Associate exam yesterday, as previous exams(Developer and Solutions Architect) , I don’t think without Whizlabs I would passed them. Updated questions and explanation are the key, thanks you so much Whizlabs once again