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Any feedback about PMP practice exam?


Hi Friends,

Friends, Anyone has been taken PMP practice exam? How relevant is it?

Your inputs are much appreciated.




I am eager to hear any comments also.

BTW, any discount code to get the simulator test here?


W. Wong.


I used the PMP Practice exam and passed at ABOVE EXPECTATION in all categories. The practice questions are very realistic and matches what you can expect from the actual exam in terms of the actual difficulty. I will take this over any other expensively priced practice or review questions.


@ksholagbade can you kindly let me know how the Practice Exams were relevant to the exams. I am trying to take both the PMP exam and the PMP - ACP exam as well


Hey, Check StudyPal few of my friends found amazing study buddies for #project-management:pmi-pmp exam from it.


I found this resource very helpful https://www.erudicat.com


Thanks for the link. looks great, so many questions online! I will share https://www.erudicat.com/project-manager-about with all my friends