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Any one preparing for AZ-300 certification here?


Just want to see if people are there here to post related questions and start discussions


I took az-300 on Friday and passed. I had 55 questions and 17 of them are labs in azure portal. Remaining were multiple choices and scenario based questions. I would say if we dont prepare well, it is not easy to pass this. Particularly the labs were tricky. I also found time management was critical as the questions were in the order MCQ, lab exercises 1, MCQ, lab exercises 2, scenario based questions


Thanks Radhakrishna for sharing your experience regarding AZ-300 exam. I really appreciate sharing it. How was the lab experience? was it smooth or had hiccups? (I mean in terms of azure portal lab performance ?). How was the lab questions? is it simple configuration related questions or heavy multi step configuration? What are the general areas/topics to focus especially for lab preparation? I’m appearing exam in next 2 weeks. Preparing for the same.


The lab experience was good. It threw me out when i was doing second set of lab questions however the resources i created were not destroyed though
Lab questions 1, there were 8 questions, the focus was on VMs, Storage accts, Networks. All were few step configurations. None of the questions exceeded 10 lines so it was simple but they were little tricky because in all the questions they did ask to minimize the azure costs.
Second set of questions did focus on web apps, logic apps, application gateways and there was a question on asking to code in powershell. If we don’t have experience working with Azure, there will be some initial hiccups


Based on my performance, i could say that they are not looking at the completion of the lab, even if you complete some steps, there appears to be some step marks !


Excellent Radhakrishna, These are valuable tips. Thanks for sharing it here. I really appreciate it.


Hello, I have the exam in a few days, any tip is grateful!


Hi Francis I’m taking exam 10 days later. My hearty wishes for your exam. All the best. Please share your experience once u complete it. Just remember the pattern of the exam as that it has MCQ-> Lab -> MCQ -> Lab -> MCQ. So please have proper time management.


Hello, I took the exam today and passed it :slight_smile: I had 36 questions, 2 cases and 2 labs (create vnet, subnet, lb, peering, storage account’s, vm with 99.5% availability, with premium disks, etc). I have approved the az-100 and az-101 so the truth was quite natural to me.
There are some questions that complicated a bit (cosmos db query to get data). The whislabs test helped a lot as training.


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