AWS Advanced Network Specialty Exam updates


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Any update on this exam? Now you guys have released other specialty exams, when do you think this exam will be released in whizlabs?



Hi Whizlabs
Can we please have an update here we have been waiting over a moth since the las update, we really need some information at this point



It will take a while to update this exam, advanced networking exam is the most toughest exam of all. So we need to ensure that we bring the same toughness in our tests. It will take another 1-2 months to update the questions.



New Practice test release for AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty


Be great if someone could let us know how their exams went so we can make arrangements


Will be taking it on Tuesday and dont feel confident. New Question Sets: My impression - a significant improvement over the old. BUT as yet - they not yet at the level required for the exam which is quite tricky with many a “nasty” word game. Need more stuff on EMR, Privatelink, DNS integration between onprem and AWS and back including R53 public/private etc. Also Glue, EMR, Macie. Also need to have more questions of every nook , cranny and complexity of the most complex designs for VPN , DX integration scenarios .

Maybe I am wrong , but dont think they have been developed by people who have past the exam.


I agree i have been reading o A cloud Guru and Linux Acad and there seems to be tons of VPN and DX in the real exam

Can whizlabs confirm anyone writing these questions have indeed sat the exam ?


Well I past the Networking Cert this morning yippy!!!

To be blunt the Whizlabs stuff wasn’t very helpful and still not at the level (breadth or depth) of the exam. The old practice exams just where not even in the ballpark. The new exams are more or less in the ballpark but not at the level required. The problem with depth and breadth is neither is the official AWS networking book. Actually this cert is just a nasty exam, with quite a few questions are simply designed to be misleading.

That’s not to say the new Whizlabs tests are useless unlike the old ones, but even if you understanding at the level of Whizlabs its still wont be good enough. Even the book doesn’t have the detail or simply “links” to the details you need to memorize.

My tips

a) Buy the AWS Network Cert book, go through in detail, do all the exercises, follow the links and read them.
b) Do the whizlabs exams to the point that you know the answers and know why.
c) Watch and rewatch the ReInvent NET4xx courses, You Tube AWS Specialty Advanced Networking fromJady LIU
d) Try to set up the most complex examples which is very very hard and time consuming as you don’t normally have a customer with a spare failover DX just waiting for you to practice on.
e) Do you know what QinQ is and how to use it with AWS? Do you know how failover VPN and DX connections ? Don’t book the exam until you could whiteboard from memory what is happening. You will need to commit to memory the various complex hybrid and multi-region configurations.

I am not a Network specialist, from my perspective I regret doing the exam, it simply was too tough and sucked up too much valuable time. So maybe its best for a Network professional moving into AWS.


Thanks for the invaluable info you shared!


Thank you for the feedback! We are further improving the questions. This exam is really tough and tricky.


Hi Krishnas

Have these questions been amended\improved since your last comment on July 19th?




Yes. We have updated our questions.


Has anybody taken this exam recently. Any feedback?


I’m interested too.
Would be great to hear some feedback.