AWS Architect Professional - Passed Today


I passed the Architect Professional exam today. I probably did not prepare as much as I should have and my scores were average, but I passed.

The Whizlabs exams for Architect Pro are absolutely valid! They were extremely valuable in my preparation. I am a technical trainer with over 20 years of experience and hold over 75 technical certifications, these practice exams will help you if you use them.

A good prep formula:

  • Have passed both Architect & SysOps Associate
  • ACloudGuru videos for Architect Pro
  • Use the free AWS sample questions
  • Take the AWS online practice exam (not free). Screen shot your questions (with answers) as you take the exam, then go online and search for the exam question. You will find most/all on the ACG forums with detailed discussions. This will let you know where you went wrong.
  • Use the WhizLab exams. Pay particular attention to the explanations and exam tips in the explanations. These are very, very helpful.

Do the work, this exam is not as frightening as some make it out to be.


Hi Shawn,

Congratulations on your achievement!

Whizlabs Team.


I would also like to add to my list of suggested prep resources that the whitepapers and FAQs listed here are definitely worth your time.


Congrats shawnb. Well done


Congrats Shawn and thanks for the tips :wink: !