AWS CDA- June 2018


Just cleared the AWS CDA June release. Big thanks to Whizlabs for the support and beneficial exams they have provided. I have personally relied on Whizlabs exams to review and check my weakness before scheduling for the exam and that helped a lot. One thing to mention, that in the SAA exercises I had almost the same questions in the real exam which shows how skilled Whizlabs team are in providing almost the same type of questions compared to the real exam. However, the CDA questions need some kind of update and review because I honestly faced a lot of questions that were not covered in the exam list of Whizlabs and probably that’s because the CDA June version is a new one. My advise is to read a lot of FAQs and White Papers especially for (Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Code Pipeline/commit/deploy/build, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, Cloudformation, etc.) All in all, thank you for all the efforts and support guys!


Hello Bassel,

Congrats on getting certified!

Our team is working on creating the section test for the topics that you have mentioned.

Whizlabs Team