AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


Passed SAA-C01 in my first attempt. For me, the exam was very tough.

Advise for test takers:
Firstly, you do not get the same questions as what is covered in Whizlabs tests, only few of the questions are somewhat similar. For most others, AWS plays smart, goes one step further by adding new parameters and changes the scenario completely.

So, there is absolutely no alternative to understanding each service, its configuration/settings, its limits and its benefits. You really got to click those links in Whizlab answers, firm up your understanding around concepts and progress.

I got few questions on AWS Glue, Cognito. Many complicated questions like Photo sharing on S3 - but need MFA, how a Multi-AZ fail-over is triggered in RDS, How you manage a Redshift cluster with Concurrent requests(that’s RDS capability btw), Network Load Balancer and Application Load balancer configuration using sticky bits and Cross-zone. S3+CloudFront restricting users using correct combination of OAI and Signed URL.

Best of luck.


Very similar experience - failed with 700 marks - and the questions in the exam seemed more difficult.