AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


Passed SAA-C01 in my first attempt. For me, the exam was very tough.

Advise for test takers:
Firstly, you do not get the same questions as what is covered in Whizlabs tests, only few of the questions are somewhat similar. For most others, AWS plays smart, goes one step further by adding new parameters and changes the scenario completely.

So, there is absolutely no alternative to understanding each service, its configuration/settings, its limits and its benefits. You really got to click those links in Whizlab answers, firm up your understanding around concepts and progress.

I got few questions on AWS Glue, Cognito. Many complicated questions like Photo sharing on S3 - but need MFA, how a Multi-AZ fail-over is triggered in RDS, How you manage a Redshift cluster with Concurrent requests(that’s RDS capability btw), Network Load Balancer and Application Load balancer configuration using sticky bits and Cross-zone. S3+CloudFront restricting users using correct combination of OAI and Signed URL.

Best of luck.


Very similar experience - failed with 700 marks - and the questions in the exam seemed more difficult.


A great resource for passing the exams…

Highly recommend!


Thank you Whizlabs, your course and practise tests have put lot of confidence in me. I will be taking the AWS SAA Exam next month. Thank you.


Thank you Passionate_User for the insight. I don’t know whether to be happy or concerned, LOL. I will take your advice and make sure I click the links after each question to gain more knowledge into each service.




You are very correct. In fact Its almost like we sat for the same exam.
I just passed my AWS CSAA too with 869 marks.
The test quizzes on whizlabs were great, however, midway through the exam i was wondering if I studied well enough to pass the exam. I think it was quite a tough exam.

While I was not expecting a word for word replication of the whizlabs test questions in the real AWS exam, I expected similarly worded questions. There were a few questions that seemed close to something I had seen on whizlabs before but in actual fact that was where similarities ended.

To pass the exam you really need to have practical hands on experience on most of the AWS services and not just expect a dump of the whizlabs questions. You have to read the explanations in the review of the questions and make sure you understand it.

All in all, the whizlabs practice questions were a solid base for my preparations for the exam.

Your description of the question spectrum is absolutely correct.


Absolutely right. I scored 856 in SAA. Whizlabs question papers are great for exam practice, but actual exam questions will be tougher than here. It takes more time to read, understand and answer questions carefully in real exam. Like you said, can’t just see answers, but go through the explanations and links for more details which would help in exam.


I passed my CSAA last week using LinuxAcademy and WhizLabs. I really appreciated the diversity of questions and depth of explanations provided by WhizLabs. I am not sure I could have passed without it, and WhizLabs definitely helped me score an 840!


Congratulations on your achievement, great job!


Congratulations! You really got a good score.


Congratulations Mukul on your achievement! You have received an awesome score. And thank you for sharing your invaluable experience. We have been regularly updating our practice tests as per the feedback and latest updates from AWS.
Great Job!

Whizlabs Team


Thank you Neeru! I am planning to write the new AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam soon. It is good to hear that you practice tests is regularly updated, is it also updated for the SA Pro exam?


Congratulations @Fern! Yes i agree with the review materials you shared. Whizlabs is great for the foundation and the practice tests with Bonso and TutorialsDojo team has the most recent services. they also replied faster to my questions.

The video tutorials from A cloud guru is good as well but their practice tests are not as good compared with TutorialsDojo and Whizlabs, plus, much expensive. why pay $99 for an online video course if I can just buy $19.95 from Whizlabs and $9 from TutorialsDojo.


Passed SAA last week.

Even though the actual AWS exam is very tricky, Whizlabs exam did help me to prepare for it.


Congratulations @qwerty


Exactly, our products (practice tests as well as online courses) are available at reasonable prices. Even online courses have recently been updated. I’ll recommend trying Whizlabs AWS CSAA online course once, the content will satisfy you for sure.


Congratulations @sundaramoorthy and thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Wish you the best for your next exam!


Passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam last week with 85%.
WhizLabs practice tests really helped me to gear up for the actual exam.
I like the diverse questions and the explanations.


Appeared in exam today AWS Solution Architect Associate and failed. Unfortunately not even a single question came from Whizlab practice exam.

2 days ago i appeared in AWS Solution Architect Associate - Practice exam on AWS site and got 85% marks and all the questions from the whizlab practice test.

I believe AWS has changed all the question since yesterday.


have u managed to pass exam now AWS solution Architect - Associate ?

i appeared in exam and failed today