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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


have u passed now - aws solution architect - associate ??
how did u pass.

i failed today. please suggest


Congratulations @khankhannav on your achievement!


I passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam on my first attempt using Whizlabs. I would highly recommend this resource. What I appreciated about it was that it helped by giving me a mental framework to answer the questions by thinking like an Architect. The exam is challenging because the scope of the information is so broad but this tool gave me and idea of what to expect in regards to the exam.

I really like how they took the time to explain to you in detail why your choices were the incorrect choice and provided links to the AWS documentation to devlve deeper into the information if you desired. It also helped in giving me a strategy to know how I should budget my time for the test and simulated the actual test environment to help me get over my test jitters.

The questions presented in Whizlabs were not easy by any stretch of the imagination. I also liked the fact that it gave you the option to customize your test taking experience by giving you subject areas to focus on. For example if you didn’t understand EC2s you could customize it to ask you questions centered on EC2s so it helped you to dial in on the areas you where you were not as strong in.

Thumbs up to you all at Whizlabs for putting together a great product. I will DEFINITELY be coming back to this resource as I work through my other AWS certs.


i took the exam today and passed. Although i took all practice tests from whizlabs the questions in the exam were different. may be they changed the question pattern. i spent enough time understanding the question as the answers were too close. Certain keywords in the question will get you to the right answer. Thanks to whizlabs for all the practice questions and the explanation with great detail on the answers



I recently passed too, I made a review but somehow it’s gone

Whizlabs admins? What happened to my post?



Your posts is still can see. Are you not able to vide your post?


I am not able to view it last week but I can see it now, Thank you


I noted that the post is deleted, I have restored it. Thanks you for leting me know.


Anyone recently took the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam and Passed using the Whizlabs practice test


Hi Ashish,

Yes. There are many who has shared their feedbacks. Here is the latest one:

When are you planning to appear for the exam?


Hi, I passed the exam @ first try also learnt a lot, It was difficult months sudying late nights, thanks whizlabs!
I had great score 939/1000 I am very proud.


Thank you for your great efforts. I have cleared the exam with 89% score. Thanks again.


Congratulations MAHADEVAN KRISHNAN! Thank you for sharing your feedback.


HI Enrique,

Thank you for the feedback!

Are you planning for any other certification?


Hi Chowdry,

Congratulations! That’s great!


Of course, I am super interested in developer certification the topic that I found most interesting was lambda + API Gateway + Dynamo (SAM). So I think is my next step.


Cool! When are you planning for developer exam?

We have recently launched our developer video course, you could try that. It would definitely help you.


Already studiyng the CDA videos :+1:from Whizlabs


That’s awesome!

Please share your feedback about our videos. If you find anything missing / topics not covered, please report to us.


Had passed CSAA. Exam materials from Whizlabs were good. Help me to prepare the exam well. Worth it to purchase for those going for it.