AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


Thanks whizlabs for practice tests. They were very useful!. Questions very much resembled the ones from actual exam. I have just passed SA exam with 90%!


Thanks WhizLabs for the practice tests. They were very helpful in getting me ready for the exam. The format was very similar to the exam.


Thanks Whizlabs for such wonderful resource it is very useful, I have taken SAA exam and passed with 87%, questions in practice exam are very similar to real exam.

My Exam tip:

  1. Learn concepts, there are plenty of good resources available
  2. Once ready buy Whizlabs and you should try for 90% or above in practice test.
  3. Take real exam.


The practice questions really helped. The support on the questions that I had doubts on was also pretty quick. Planning for my CSAP now. Thanks Whizlabs!


The practice test material is very useful. It really helped me prepare for the test. I found the answers to the tests very useful in finding the gaps in my understanding. Thanks again


Really wonderful and worthy practice exams.


I’ve puchased the SAA practice exams before two months and I see that the questions are hard, more topics are covered and very detailed explained. For me i think this what i needed for my SAA certification prep. Thank you Whizlabs.


I used the SAA practice exam and of a truth it was awesome. I came across most questions in the exam and it really did helped me.

Highly recommended.

@Whizlabs if you can update your sites with the aws advanced networking and specialized security ,this wil be nice


Hi, I used whizlab questions base together with udemy course and official guide and got 94% on exam. I really recommend!


Hi, I took the SAA exam yesterday (14.08.2017) in London. I went through all 7 Whizlab Practice Test and the Diagnostics test a number of times and I found in the exam about 60% of the questions were in NONE of the Whizlab tests. Luckily, I had gone through an SAA course (via acloudguru) and had previously done the Developer Associate exam, so I had a solid foundation of knowledge. I was able to figure out enough questions to pass the exam. But it was a tough exam and I had to use the full 80 mins. The Whizlab tests were useful to go through as the style of questions were similar in style, so you can train your mind to be used to the style. Bottom line is, you can’t rely on “just” these tests you need to know the core material well. I did use the Whizlab tests for the Developer Associate exam and the practice tests there were closer to the ones in the exam. Course aside, you also need to look at the AWS Faq’s in the core topics, to pick up some specific details. Also, doing the labs helps massively as does practical implementations.


Really helped me to pass the exam. Highly recommend whizlabs practice exams…


I totally agree with jayp18. I took exam today and 60-70% of the questions were not even close to Whizlabs practice tests questions. this practice tests are good only for getting to know the style of exam.

I recommend AWS FAQs to be the best resource for this exam.


Cleared AWSSAA exam with 83%. Many questions came from their practice exams. All AWSSAA aspirants should buy their exam. Its worth and less price also.


I agree with you and Japy18. Almost 80% of the questions are not covered in Whizlabs. I failed with 56% . Whizlab support team had mentioned that they updated the practice tests. But I see the same old tests and replied the same. They did not give me any reply yet. It is been almost 2 weeks since I sent the message to them. In Whizlab tests, I have completed some of the tests with 100% and some of the tests with 94 - 96% but still failed. Atleast Whizlab support team should respond to the emails. Hope it reaches to their team.


Cleared CSAA with 90% . Lot of questions from whizlabs appeared in final exam.


Passed with AWS-CSAA Exam with 93%

I took the exam on 21st August 2017. First I watched the course in Udemy around 3 times. After that, I purchased the Whizlabs Practice Set and practised all the sets around 4 to 5 times. In my opinion, these practice set are more than enough to pass the exam. To get a better score it is required to go through the FAQs of EC2, S3 and VPC. Regular support was provided by Whizlab team which I found to be very helpful. I actually got some questions in the exam which was almost same (apart from some numerical values getting changed) to the practice questions. Thanks, Whizlabs team to provide me with this useful preparation material.


Thank you Whizlabs, it really helps me a lot in clearing my SAA exam, I’m planning to take your PMP course, hopefully you’ll give me good discounts :)…

again thanks so much…


Great job on the practice exams. The detailed answers and links to AWS docs are extremely helpful. I like your practice test! Thanks!


I cleared the exam with 89% and the practice exams were really helpful, not only for learning about test topics but also for me to have an idea about how the exam itself was like. I practiced all sets at least once and read several links of AWS docs for questions I did not know the answer.

I think the exam was slightly harder than the tests, but I also found some similar questions. I highly recommend Whizlabs SAA practice exams as part of the preparation for those seeking out the certification


Passed here also on first attempt, was a difficult exam but the whizlabs practice exams did assist.