AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


I passed the SAA exam with 83 % . Whizlabs quiz questions helped me.


Hi Sunil,

Congrats on passing SAA exam.


Thank you for the feedback. We try to create questions that covers the topics in real exam and resemble the exam pattern.


That’s good to hear!.Thank you for the feedback.


That’s awesome. We are glad to hear your feedback.


Thank you for the great feedback. If you find any improvements required in our tests, please let us know.


Hi All - Cleared AWS SAA exam today, going though whizlab before exam is really useful.


Hi Srikant,

That’s great news!

Are you preparing for the next certification exam?


Cleared my SAA on 28th Dec. I started with Udemy training course and AWS FAQ and then I must say Whizlabs practice test helped me in my final preparation and gain confidence to appear in exams.Thank you Whizlab team.


HI Hemant,


Please share your experience on exam preparation.


Very useful tests from Whizlabs, I passed the SAA with 89%. Thanks.


Hi Fernando,



Passed CSAA today with 81%. whizlabs was helpful in prepping.


Congratulations! That is great news!

Are you planing other AWS certifications?


Just cleared my AWS CSAA exam few hours ago!

overall score 89%

a well deserved thanks to whizlabs, i must say it gave me not less than 50% guaranteed score and the other 50 i had to work really hard to claim them.

few tip about the exam today:

  1. the exam was not an easy take by any means

  2. you need to widen your sources of study (AGC, FAQ is a must, personal notes very important for ramping up, and whizlabs for sure is a must)

  3. the exam included question about EFS, first time ever to see a question about EFS!! think i got it right though.

  4. the exam included very tricky questions about databases, always 2 answers almost appear to be the correct one.

  5. deep cloudfront question was testing about CDN script :o

  6. EBS, VPC, S3 pretty straightforward questions.

  7. questions about Kinises firehoses and stream, which one of them will be connected directly to S3.

  8. in general the exam covered it all, i had to squeeze every piece of info in my brain to be able to reach the safe shores :slight_smile:


Grateful for the practice exams. No practice tests is perfect but Whizlab’s main point isn’t about just giving answers, but the actual link to why the answer is as such. This forces (i hope) us to think and is several steps ahead of the usual PDF + answers.

With that, it does not matter that only 10-20% are exact questions. I’m so over-prepared that I took 30 minutes to clear my exams the 1st time. Well done folks.


Thanks whizlabs passed 98% associate arquitect… . thanks to whizlabs i got a supreme rating


Congratulations Desouky!

The tips are really useful for the exam candidates!



Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your feedback!


Congratulations! It’s great to hear from you!