AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


I have also just passed the Associate Exam (Feb 2018) and I was surprised to be set only 55, rather than 60 questions yet still with a time of 80 mins so plenty of time. I went through all the questions, answered what I could, flagged those that needed more thought and kept reviewing for the full 80 mins.

I used Whizlabs for the practice Exams and found them very useful. The explanations of the Exam answers is really good. They let themselves down with the English used in both the Q and As. However, I would still recommend Whizlabs albeit I did not review Udemy. Suggestion to Whizlabs - please review the grammar in both the questions and answers as many of them look as though they have been thrown together. However, the feedback to the questions is great

I had a mixture of questions, some scenario based and others straightforward eg; 'What AWS service would you use for…??? etc.

Key topics covered were;

Federation and IAM scenarios

Evaluate use of either EBS and S3

Know the different database types and when to use DynamoDB, RDS etc

Know Bastion Hosts (Jump Servers) hosted in public subnet etc

Understand when to use various types of ELBs

Know your encryption techniques, volumes , Snapshot creation etc

API Gateway functions and Cloudfront

Quite a few questions on Autoscaling, types of instances, Launch configurations

Understand VPC - quite a few questions on Public / Private Subnet communications

Cloud Watch and Cloud Trail - when to use, VPC Logs etc

Know the differences between Kinesis streams, Firehose etc

Use of Elastic Beanstalk / Docker

Security groups , NACLs and use within VPC were also asked

My background is in IT so I was ok with many of the concepts but weak in areas such as Networking. I found that Ryan’s knowledge and explanation helped in these areas and were an added benefit of the course. I did all the Labs in the course, which I found interesting. I made my own notes as I went through the course as I found it easier to understand once I jotted stuff down. I took the Guru tests as I went through and I must have done the course about 3 times to drill it home.

So the net of it for me was;

Make sure you dedicate a lot of time to the course and do all the Labs. I suspect I must have done over 200 hours either learning or playing around on the Free Tier which was interesting.

Go over the course 2 - 3 times

Buy Whizlabs and do/redo the exams - I think there were a couple of questions in the exam similar to some of those on Whizlabs.

Many thanks to Ryan and the Cloudguru team for making this such an interesting course. Now on to the Professional :slight_smile: !

I hope this has been useful feedback.


Congratulations jamespm and thanks for providing a detailed feedback. I am going to write mine tomorrow, not very confident but I have gone through all Ryan’s videos, Linuxacademy and done all Whizlabs 8 mock exams. I will also update if I pass or Fail (god forbid) :slight_smile:


Vishal I have booked mine for 23. Can you please advice the feedback of the exam. ASAP thanks.


Here you go. I have left a detailed feedback. I hope it’ll be helpful for you. I passed with 68%


Hi Krishnas ,
When you going to update the questions ? Or its been already updated .
As I am prep using your test .
Thanks in advance .


HI James,

Congrats! It is really very detailed write up on your exam experience. This would definitely help other to who are preparing for the exam.


Thanks whizlabs for practice tests. They were very useful!.


Thanks Wizlabs, the practice tests are very helpful indeed…


I thought that the practice tests were very helpful. They were current and had links to the documentation that supported the answers which was also very helpful. I recommend Whizlabs for anyone trying to pass the CSAA exam. Whizlabs helped me pass with an 87%.

Thanks Whizlabs!


Hi kazirizwana,

Thank you for the positive feedback. :slight_smile:


Hi jasuz61,

Congratulations on your result :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the positive feedback.


I sat the AWS CSAA over the weekend and cleared it with 70%, It was bit tough but the preparations from ACLOUD guru and Whizlabs helped me see thru the exam. I took all the practice tests and section tests from head to tail and beaten it to the max by scoring full marks on every test before appearing for the exam. Off course the questions will not be exactly the same in the real exam but the amount of experience we gain here will tremendously help in clearing the certification. I am very thankful to Whizlabs for their updates to the practice tests and Ryan for his great Udemy course on AWS. Both will definitely help you crack the exam. My exam had almost all topics covered like.,

Reserved instance(you cannot sell reserved instances i guess., got something like that)
Milli second latency(got two exact same questions on dynamoDb, got deceived and picked the wrong one :-(, datastore which can be used for storing the gps co-ordinates with single milli second latency)
Shared responsibility model
Encryption at rest
API gateway
Cloud watch
Cloud trail
VPC Peering
IAM roles
Cloud Front
Vpc flow logs
Cloud formation 404 - debugging
Cannot ssh into ec2 from laptop
Dev and production setup dev needs access to prod environment
These are some of the questions I remembered, Wishing everyone good luck who is planning to take up the exam in the future!

Dinesh S


Hi dinesh_pillai,

Congratulations on your result. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for the positive feedback.

We appreciate you for providing details on topics which you faced in exam. It will be very helpful for the students.

Please do let us know if you faced any topics or scenarios which were not covered in practice tests. It will be very helpful in improving the practice tests.


Guess I got at least 2-3 questions on API gateway, though it is covered on section test of the course it would be great if it is featuring on the main practice tests., and some Cloud Formation topic too., Other than that practice tests are covered to full extent in my opinion. Thanks!


Hello Whizlabs Team,

How many free tests are available for AWS (CSA) exam? Please reply.


Hi Mak_Baig_Moghuls,

We have one FREE TEST with 25 questions.

We also have 8 practice tests and additional to that we have Sectional Tests. These will be available once you purchase full Practice Tests.

Please check the below link for more details:


The practice tests were useful and worth the price. Using them along with reading material and online training and labs helped me to pass with a very good score.


Wizlabs AWS practice test is very comprehensive and helpful to clear test.



I wrote AWS SA exam on 13 of march, the question was quite tricky and it was looking easier to answer but my bad i failed with 55%, There were some Question which were included in Whizlab test i was amazed, i guess for that i have a written a correct answer but not for the other question. Most of the Question were from Security, API, Cost optimization, S3, lambda. EC2. Now i am preparing for the second attempt hope this time i may succeed, Again i am going through Whizlab test which will helpful.

Now my question is whether the question will be repeat and also i am quite confuse about the release whether i will be writing a old exam or new exam. If it is a new exam means do i needed to work harder ?

Overall whizlab practice test was good.



Agree. Excellent preparation. Some spelling and syntax errors but content and exam coverage was very good