AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


Hi Team,

I appeared for the exam in the last week of March and cleared the exam with 85% on Solution Architect Associate. Almost about 30% questions were from Whizlabs practice tests and 20 to 30% questions were similar to the ones that comes in Whizlabs practice exams.

Thanks to the entire Whizlabs team for putting together these practice exams that have been helping people like me to validate our understanding before undergoing actual exams.



Sat for the (old style 55Q, not the new 65Q) exam on 4/4/18 and passed, 60%. Only about a third of the questions were from Whizlabs. Lots of questions on new technologies, maybe 30%,
The exam had a lot of very long multiple answer questions, very tricky. It was more important to pay attention to the grammar trickery and word games than the actual technical portion of the question. A real mind-*uck waste of effort.
As a result, time pressure increased with the time spent reading the novella of questions and playing elimination games. I expected to fail.
Thanks Whizlabs for the old and new practice tests.


Successfully cleared CSAA exam , i have taken practice exams before taking the final CSAA.
These practice exams has improved my confidence and provided areas to re-read. This helped in clearing the exam .


I’ve passede recently the SAA exam, thanks to whizlabs for their effort, I’ve found the test very useful for exam preparation, in particular the february 2018 edition.


Congratulations, David!


Congratulations, Satya! Thank you for sharing your feedback.


I found WhizLabs AWS SAA “pre-Feb 2018” exam test very useful and in general questions reflect complexity of the actual exam, however here are issues I experienced.
-Some questions are outdated and explanations are invalid, but when I tried to report the issue within the questions via feedback link, it failed with error.
-Free exam test is outdated and does not reflect actual exam
-Some topics are not covered to match actual exam: e.g. ECS (Ec2 limitations), EMR.

I wish I could compare score I was getting with whizlab against the actual score, but cant find Score Report on my AWS Certification account page even after 2 weeks passed since exam. I can view and download the certificate, but not the Score.


It seems to be working fine for me. Please send the screenshot with error. I will check and update it somethings wrong.

We usually keep the questions upto date. Please let me know the question numbers. I will update them , if neccessary.[quote=“ywhiz, post:109, topic:43”]
Some topics are not covered to match actual exam: e.g. ECS (Ec2 limitations), EMR.

We have separate Sectional tests. please check them and let me know if we are still missing out on any topics, we will surely add more questions and any new topics.


These Practice exams are really great resource of learning and before attempting the associate Architect certification, very well explanation help us to understand the answer better. Thanks Whizlabs


Thank you for sharing your feedback, Arvind.


I have bought Whizlabs SAA questions and practicing them.
Are questions in API Gateway or ECS for that matter upto date with what kind of difficulty level asked in the exam. Also since Lambda has a lot of questions, there should be a separate Section for Lambda questions.
I just want to make sure whizlabs tests are at par with actual exam.



I have just passed the Solutions Architect Associate exam and found there were a couple of things on the exam that I hadn’t seen on either the ACloudGuru courses or on the Whizlabs exams, although on the whole they both covered the content really well. I would say that the real exam (February 2018) was slightly harder based on my scores in the practices and the real exam, there was about 5-6% difference. So unless you are consistently getting at least mid 80’s on your first pass of each exam then I wouldn’t recommend doing the real exam. I have also read that the pass mark goes up and down based on number of people passing and failing, on the day of my exam (Friday 27th April) it was 720 as a minimum pass mark, I thought this was slightly higher than had been mentioned (high 60’s).


Congratulations, Nasher! Thank you for sharing your feedback. We constantly checking the difficulty level of ream exam and keep updating the practice questions. We will definitely keep updating the questions based on the real exam.

Comparison of Whizlabs tests to Sybex and Linux Academy for AWS CSA

Hello Nasher,

Thank you for the valuable feedback. We would update the questions to maintain the relevancy of real exam.


Totally Agree, many questions appeared in real exam


Thank you for the feedback!


Whizlabs together with acloudguru will give very good preparation for passing this exam.


Thank you for feedback!


Hi can any one guide me about Feb-2018 exam ,is practice test help ful for new version of exam >>?


Are you suggesting EMR, ECS, including rules for picking EC2 types for container cluster are present ? Then which section or test number?