AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


So far we have received good feedback from the users who has used our practice tests.


I’m giving the old exam in few days but exams tests are for New Exam (based on New Test). Are these practice tests any worth for old exams?


We have both the version in the Practice Tests. You can find it for old exams and new exams.


Thanks for getting back. Is it beneficial if I also give new tests?


Yes. You can try both the exams. There are not major changes between both the exams. But, if you are confident about the topics, try both the exams.


Thank you so much Krishna.


Hello All,
Yesterday I passed AWS CSAA with 85%.
I’m really grateful to the whizalb team for providing really good practice exams that can boost your knowledge and get the proper experience before attending the exam.
The questions on the actual exam were harder but with good practice and reading the explanations of the wrong answers, it will help you a lot to pass the exam.
I would definitely refer the practice exams to anyone who is preparing for CSAA certification.

The only thing I would suggest is to have more complex questions about API gateway, Lambda, and Dynamo DB scenarios since on the actual exam there were more than few of this type.


Hello Bobi,


Have you taken the new CSAA exam or old one?[quote=“Bobi, post:130, topic:43”]
The only thing I would suggest is to have more complex questions about API gateway, Lambda, and Dynamo DB scenarios since on the actual exam there were more than few of this type.

We will add those questions to our practice tests.


Hello Krishnas,

Thank you.

Sorry for not mentioning that I took the old exam.

Best regards.


Thank you for the response.

Are you planning to prepare for the developer associate exam?


Hi Team,

Really good exams . I have bought all 3 exam test questions from whizlabs and passed
CSA with 92%
CDA with 96%
SysOps with 100%

Keep up the good work.


Hello Turja,

That’s a great news!

Thank you for the feedback!


Passed the new exam, thanks to whizlabs which helped me with my preparation. Around 50% were similar to the practice tests. I found that reading 800+ questions was a challenge and my feedback to the team is to consolidate all the questions from the old and new sets and remove the repeated questions.


Yesterday I have successfully passed the AWS CSAA (New FEB released) exam with 81.4%(i.e. 814 out of 1000).
i have used below to prepare for exam:

  1. AWS official study guide for solution architect associate, white papers & FAQ’s.
  2. a Cloud guru online course
  3. Whizlabs practice test sets(Must to have).

I would really like to mention here that i have faced 70-80 % questions format(nature of scenarios of questions. NOTE- Not exact questions) same as it is in Whizlabs practice tests.
so i will recommend this practice test sets to all who are interested to do the AWS certification.
Go though all questions -answers and its explanation including the wrong answer explanation as well to know why its wrong. This will clear your concepts deeply.

@whizlabs , Thank you so much for great practice questions sets.


Hello Joseph,


Thank you for the feedback!


Hello Uttam,

That’s awesome to hear from you! It’s our pleasure to improve the quality of our questions and provide every on the best quality practice tests!

Congratulations! Thank you for for the valuable feedback!


Passed wiht 85%, using whizlabs helped a lot


That’s great! Congratulations!


These exams are a great resource and the best practice test available.

Passed with 74% - Practice tests are not helpful


Thank you for the feedback!