AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


I passed the CSAA exam yesterday. I found the Whizlabs tests to be extremely helpful in preparation, especially the explanations of the answers along with links to more detailed information!


thanks Whizlabs.passed my aws architect associate with 81%.the news practice exam on your site is very helpful and close the real exam. i start now to prepare for the aws professional



81%, that’s great score for new exam.

Our professional exam questions really good one. Let’s try it out.



We are happy to know that our explanations are helpful. That makes the difference, you can understand why an option is correct or incorrect.

Are you planning for any other certification exam?


Already reviewed AWS FAQ’s,
I am planning to take AWS - SAA. Can you please guide me which one should i opt for Older version or Feb 2018 version.


This was a great resource in helping me pass my exam. It covered the content that is actually in the exam.


I passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect ( old version 55Q) today with 70%. My only two sources of preparation - Udemy and Whiz Labs practice tests. These tests are very very helpful. They resemble the exam pattern. Infact, 10-20% of questions were same in the AWS real exam.

Topics in the exam:

  1. Dynamo DB ( when to use it and its features) - around 2 questions
  2. Spot Instances - Cost and when to use it - 2 questions
  3. Read Replicas - 1 questions
  4. SQS - 2 questions
  5. Auto scaling group - Multiple questions
  6. Lambda and API gateway - 3 questions
  7. AWS Shared responsibility Model - Customer and AWS responsibilties - 1 question
  8. Cloud Trail and VPC Flow logs - 2 questions
  9. EFS - 1 question
  10. VPC - Multiple questions
  11. EC2 penetration testing - 1 question
  12. Cross Load balancing - 1 questions
  13. S3 - Multiple questions ( when to use S3, Glacier, Data replication in S3)
  14. Cloud Front - Origin Server - 1 Question
  15. Security Groups and NACLs - 2 questions
  16. Cloud watch alarm - 2 questions ( create custom alarm for memory, custom alarm to reboot instances)
  17. STS - 2 questions ( temp tokens, AD connector)
  18. Placement groups and enhanced networking - 1 questions
  19. EBS volume encryption - 1 question
  20. Provisioned IOPS - 1 question
  21. ECS - 1 question
  22. Kinesis - Firehose and Streams - 1 question
  23. Reserved Instance - Features - 1 question

Make sure to prepare section tests as API gateway, Lambda, ECS, CORS are not covered in practice tests.


Congrats Rohit! I appreciate your detailed write up.

Thanks and Regards,
Whizlabs Team.


I passed the CSAA exam on July5th. I could not have done this without Whizlabs!


HI Terry,
Congratulations!! I am planning to take CSAA. Can I follow Whizlabs to pass the exam ie 420 questions. Please let me know


Congratulations!! I am planning to take CSAA. Can I follow Whizlabs to pass the exam ie 420 questions. Please let me know


Great tool to improve your AWS exam preparation.
I passed my CSAA last Monday.


Congrats, Luigi! Thanks for your feedback.

Whizlabs Team.



I’m scoring around 80 to 85 % in old or new both aws practice tests from whizlabs. Is that score is good to crack the old exam?


Dear Karthik,

Our AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice questions are good enough to pass the real exam. To be on your safer side, make sure that you are getting more than 90% in our practice tests.

Whizlabs Team.


The practise paper for CSAA is very good and helped me a lot in clearing the exam.
Would recommend people to go for it.


Congrats, Anubhav!

Glad to hear that Whizlabs has helped you to pass the exam.


hello everyone,

i want to thank whizlab for they’re effort to provide us a better preparation to get certified on the best of technology of the moment

thank you for the question, the courses and for the good price you give
i wish success for everyone of you

Best regards


Hello Houssam,

It’s great to hear from you. It’s our pleasure to provide you the good quality practice materials.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Whizlabs Team


Passed with 81%, Practice test are very helpful due to the extensive explanation after every question which makes the questions from the actual exam attainable. Thanks guys and I will recommend you anytime.