AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions - Review & Feedback (CSAA)


Took the test today. Just barely passed. Out of 55 questions I got 9 on the IP Gateway. That killed me. Other than that the sample tests were pretty good. Lots of themes that I saw here and on other sites were not mentioned at all in the actual test. Time for the next one.


Just want to say thank you to whiz labs. They have done a great job on their practice exams for the CSAA test. I used this as one of my study resources. I passed the Feb 2018 exam yesterday with an 871.
For anybody that is considering using Whizlabs practice exam, I definitely recommend it. Please understand that this should not be your only study source. First and foremost you should get a free tier account on AWS and use the console, play with the features. Learn the options and other settings under things like EC2, EBS, S3, EFS, Redshift, SQS, Route53, CloudWatch and understand the benefits they provide and the tradeoffs. If you are new to AWS you can pass this test but you really need to get your hands dirty in the console. Just reading and taking practice exams will make it difficult to pass. Good luck.


These practice exams are a great resource for passing the exams…

Highly recommend


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Congrats on becoming the AWS Solutions Architect!

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

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Thanks for your wonderful feedback! So appreciated.

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hi dude,

i am scheduled new exam(feb 2018) on Spet 1, 2018.

yes, i have prepared concepts. it is help practice papers ?


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If you have already prepared the AWS concepts, you can take our practice tests to validate your knowledge in AWS.

We have 5 sets of practice tests and the 6 sections tests for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Feb 2018 version. Make sure that you are getting more than 90% in our practice test. After taking the test, please analyze our each and every answers explanation very clear.If you follow this definitely you can able to get good percentage in the real exam.

All the best for your certification!

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Took the CSAA exam a few hours ago and PASS~

Unluckily to say, the exam questions are very different from mock exams I did here… (exam date 2018.09.03)
I have done all 6 Whizlabs exam, and some past papers in other places. Totally roughly 800 questions, each I’ve done 3-4 times over the weekend. That’s up to around 3000 question practices…

But I would say Whizlab’s question is still useful. Out of the 6 exams I did here, only counting the first tries, I’ve got 75% in the 1st exam, and 87% when I did the 6th. I repeatedly did it until I’ve got it all 100%.

In the real exam, I have flagged around 11 questions which I am not sure. Some of them are asking in very ambiguous language or English grammar.
The others 65-11=54, I am quite sure I’ve got it right before I submit.
I would say the practice with mocks here is useful for some helps.

I am an experienced user on AWS platform for 8± years, and still find the exam quite difficult.
and I am interested to take CSAP in coming month, but wonder if the dumps match with the real exam according to my CSAA experience. Welcome to let me know any recent success case.


Less than a week before my scheduled SAA exam, I decided to do some more practices so that I become more confident towards the formal exam. I searched on UDemy and found Quizlabs, then I registered it right away. Afterwards, I spent nearly four days to finish all of the 6 practice exams and repeat all again to make sure I know the reasons for which quiz I had wrong answers. I really like the entire design of these practice exams and the questions are very similar to the real exam. Thanks whizlabs team to provide great resources for practice SAA. Definitely, I would refer this to any of my friend who is preparing for SAA exam.


Awesome practice test material with very helpful explanations! It helped me to get into that exam prep exam mode and once in the exam I noticed that I was thinking through each question before marking my response. Happy to pass the AWS-CSAA exam in my first attempt, planning to take more :slight_smile:


I passed AWS-CSAA exam 2 days before in first attempt and Thanks so much to whizlabs team, practice test papers are extremely helpful, especially answers are backed-up with relevant AWS links and explanations. I kept practicing after regular intervals until I started scoring 100% in all test papers. It took me around 2 weeks of time. Thanks team again and keep doing good work… cheers!!!


Congrats, AB!

We appreciate your feedback!

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These exam questions are a great source for getting prepared… Expapnation after every questions is of great help. Answers on these practice exams are very straightforward and simple…

If answers could be made more complex. It will make it even better preparation… Thanks


I found the practice exams to be very similar to the actual exam. It greatly improved my confidence. I had only one day to finish getting ready, and these exams showed me exactly where to concentrate my effort. Great product and highly recommended!


Congrats, Apage!

Thanks for your feedback!

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Failed my AWS CSAA today December 19th 2018. Went through all the Whizlabs 7 test and averaged over 90% on all the test on my 2nd try. The questions I got was mostly scenario based questions. I don’t have my score breakdown as yet but I’m really disappointed in myself. Whizlabs test questions really gave me lots of confidence going into the exam but was almost completely different than the actual test. In fact, I took the Aws psi practice test and got 85% but the questions there were also very different than what was on the test… Looking at other ways to practice for the exam. Will appreciate any input from anyone that passed the exam in the last 1 month

Just got my result breakdown… I scored 700/1000. So sad I’m just a question or two from passing. It says I need improvement in one area… I’ll definitely be retaking the exam in the next couple of weeks. Trying to figure out how else to study for the exam. Does Whizlabs have any update to their questions library for more scenario based problems? Any help will be appreciated.


Whizlabs is definitely worth it. After going through a month of acloud guru videos and Linux Academy aws course, i felt a need to practice more to be ready for the test. Whizlabs just did that. I have gone through all the practice tests couple of times and i feel more confident now. I will be writing test next week and i am sure i will do fine.
Highly Recommended !


Totally agrre, these mock exam questions are the only ones I have found on the web that are realisticly like the real ones.


Wizlabs Practice question papers is good source of scenario based questions for AWS Solution architect exam 2018. I got all the latest topics covered in exam and very good explanation of every questions.
Thanks wizlabs for providing the good practice exam paper.

Sajal Jain


I’ve cleared my CSAA exam and whizlabs tests helped me much. If you can pass the tests in whizlabs I think you are ready to take the real exam.