AWS CSAA Feb 2018 passed with 820


Thank you Team WhizLabs for the excellent insight into the new exam pattern as the explanation under each question of your Practice Tests has helped me immensely to secure 820 marks.

Hope, you continue to maintain the quality and brand name of your organisation.


Hello Rohit.

Congrats on getting certified!

We really appreciate your wonderful feedback.

Whizlabs Team.


Congratulations. I have a few questions. First, had you certified before? I’m really interested in your response because I also took the practice exams here and did really well, but failed the exam. None of the questions I saw in the practice exams were on the real exam.What I’m trying to understand is how you found the test exams to help immensely, where as I did not. Obviously your experience will play a part in this, as will this being a re-certification as opposed to a new certification. I have approximately two years as an admin in AWS, however I do not use all of the tools, mostly because of overall cost and we are fairly new to AWS. This makes proficiency in some of the tools difficult.

Also, it would be helpful to know how long you’ve worked with AWS, how much prep did you do. How many other resources did you use, etc.

Please let me know your thoughts, and what other material you might have used. Thanks,


I also had the same outcome. I scored 80% and 90% on all 6 of my whizlab exams, when back and reviewed the content, but didn’t pass my cert :frowning: . Looks like they implemented a new version of the test, so it seems like the Feb 2018 version is not longer relevant… Any suggestions?


Not sure how did you prepare for the exam, looks like you were completely dependent on these test series.
Instead, first prepare and get the basic understanding of each topics. Use course like Acloudguru, read FAQs, get a little hands on the understand clearly, then go for these test series.
Also, dont expect the question would be same as in the test series, I found only 20% question here that were little similar as that in the actual exam.
Have cleared CSAA just last week.
Hope this helps.


Hello All,
I passed my exam last week with a score of 833. I met competencies in each section with the exception of “Define Operationally Excellent Architectures”, which “Needs Improvement”. I believe this was a more than generous analysis from AWS lol. For my exam preparation I used a combination of BackSpace Labs (through Udemy), AWS white papers, AWS Free Tier, and of course Whizlabs. My exam focused more than I expected on services like Kinesis, APIs, and Gateways.

Suggestions: Whizlabs, thank you for the obvious hard work you’ve put into this material, it really showed when I found how comfortable I was with the test formatting. My only suggestion is to create a few “advanced” quizzes. Some that are a little tougher than your standards. I found that some of the test were rather complex design considerations, some even going as far as to create an elaborate design then ask you to a completely unrelated question. I thought those were rather clever. Other than that, thank you!