AWS CSAA- Passed with 916


I have passed AWS CSAA with 91.6% on 3rd December 2018. A very big thanks to whizlabs for my exam preparation. Also i used acloudguru course. I have more than 1.5 yrs hands-on experience. I have seen that there are so many person blaming on whizlabs for not relevant or same questions came in real exam. I want say for those, I haven’t got even a single relevant or same question in real exam. whizlabs and acloudguru helps us to understand the concepts and scenarios , so we can understand how to integrate aws services to make an cloud infrastructure. Please study on module basis like compute, storage not only service basis. Now aws is more bias towards serverless. I got so many question from api-gateway, lambda, dynamoDB (with DAX), ECS, aurora, Elasticache, Redshift, EC2, RDS, Cloudfront, Route53, VPC, Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch, CloudFormation, EC2 System Manager, Trusted Advisor, Kinesis , SQS, SNS, SWF, WAF, Sheild, Single sign-on, AWS Organization, Directory Service, Cognito etc. Please focus on AWS FAQS, AWS Documentation (Get Started must, troubleshoot) and you must need to know the purpose of individual service first (Why we use this service?) .

Again thank you whizlabs.


Congrats, SubhasisKarmakar!

Thanks for your detailed writeup!

Whizlabs Team


Congratulation Subhasis.

Were the serverless quetions too deep ?


Thank you Ravi.

You just need to know use cases for serverless like lambda, api-gateway, dynamoDB etc. You don’t need to know coding. You will find it easily in documentaions of every services. suppose you want some data from your RDS mysql database. So, you create an API in API-Gateway and a lambda function. when you hit the api, lambda will be triggered, then lambda runs and fetches data from rds. You just know the scenario and problems you need to troubleshoot. troubleshoot like how can you make a connection from your lambda to aws services within VPC. If your recently created api will used frequently then you can cache it for cost-optimization.


Make sense Subhasis. Thank you so much for your review.