AWS Devops Engineer Professional Beta Exam


Today I Attempted Devops Engineer Professional Beta Exam. Here is my review

Exam is 100% scenario based testing candidate knowledge on 1) HA deployments 2) Least effort methods 3) Secure Method 4)Least restore or recovery time 5)RTO and RPO

Topics which were tested

  1. AWS Developer tools, didnt see any questions on Xray and cloud9

  2. Autoscaling

3)Cloud formation with Developer tools

  1. Elasticbean stalk and Lambda with Developer tools

  2. AWS popular service S3 for HA related deployment scenarios

6)Secure deployments IAM

7)1 or 2questions on Cloud Watch triggers, AWS inspector, PHD, Trusted Advisor, Ops works, AWS config, Cloud Watch events

1question on Amazon Maice, Route 53 for HA deployment

This is my brain dump, somehow I felt sysops adminstrator associate is technically tougher than DEVops pro

Whizlabs questions needs changes to practice exams with new format for new version of exams.

All the best , please add your points . It will help people after Beta exams