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AWS DevOps Professional - Study Group/Answer Validations


Whizlab Admins - I am preparing for the AWS DevOps Professional exam. I recently purchased your test exams for this cert. I find that a number of sites list very similar exam prep questions but often the specified correct answer is different. Without revealing private material and just reference by exam and question - an example would be - Whizlabs AWS DevOps Professional > Exam 1 > Question 49. I have seen some sites list the correct answer to this question as B (whizlab correct answer) and other sites list the answer as E. As you can imagine - this test is difficult enough to prepare for without the worry/concern that the practice exams we are using actually provide the correct answer. Further a lot of the questions are not overly easy to validate in AWS documentation.

Question - it would be nice to be able to discuss questions with other students - either here or in another channel you prefer. But obviously I do not want to list questions in this forum and give away your private data to all. Is there a means that we could use for this purpose of discussing/validating the correct answers? We could just reference the test>question number>answer letter as I have done in my example if that’s the easiest/preferred path.

Question for other students - anyone interested in partcipating in a “study group” with the purpose of validating correct answers should we be told it is allowed?