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AWS DevOps Professionsal Practice Exams



The practice questions are not upto the mark there are no single line questions on the real exam , can you update the exam questions to have something close to real exams?


Hi Veepas,

Please let us know if you have gone through all practice tests provided.

We have large number of scenario based questions which are framed based on real AWS exam.


Yes I did but found lot of single line questions which are more of identifying the right one not scenario based, However I attempted the real exam questions are lot tougher than the practice exams .It would be helpful if you update the tests.


Thank you veeraps for the feedback.

We do have lot of scenario based questions as well.

However based your feedback we will work on new scenario based questions and update.


The Developer Professional exam answers are all wrong. Most of my practice exam questions were the same as the tests on Whizlabs, but I failed miserably with a 55% there. You guys really need to check your answers.


Has anyone recently gone through DevOps pro exam? If yes what was the method of preparation? How useful were questions from whizlabs?


Any idea on when these questions will be updated?


Bump. I am studying for this as well. ETA?


Completely agree. It appears all the questions have been the product of the fertile imagination of their creators.Most questions have multiple choices of 5 possible answers. From A to E. Nothing up to D only. 99% of these choices are long and detailed descriptions of scenario solutions. I took the exam in late October 2017 and flunked. From that time on nothing from Whizlabs questions vis-a-vis AWS Solutions Devops Engineer Pro has been updated.


By the way my comments support the findings of Sujaly. Some of the questions were merely repeated from Associate levels and Architect Pro. They are a far cry from the actual exam. To me they tend to confuse than to pass the exam.


Did you guys update AWS Devops pro exam questions recently? if so, did you check the answers with AWS docs?


is whizlab update the material reflects new change on test 2018
the bank of question are old
i took test and failed


Centos, what other method of study did you use? I’m going through these practice exams now.


Whizlab material are OLD, and not update to 2018. AWS changed their test. Whizlab Admin please update and keep up to the “pass promised” on your website.

LinuxAcademy & Cloudguru are resource besides WhizLab.


I can assure you that Whizlabs Practice tests are upto date. Please let me know if you have found any outdated questions or explanation, we will surely look into it.


I took and passed the devops Pro last month yes the questions are not the exact questions on the test but the material allowed me to pass as its a bonus to your prior learning right

I mean you have a few years experience with devops and have read all the whitepapers and forums got a Linux academy or similar training outlet

Or are you just wanting to pass a test

I find whizlabs great as a last minute prep and have said again please dont put the exact questions on here or the qualification becomes worthless


Congratulations on your certification result :slight_smile:

We have designed questions in such a way that it will make students to do research and understand the concepts in better way. We want practice tests not only to be a way to just pass but also as a learning tool with which they can simulate scenarios in aws console check on their own. We try to give as much explanation as possible so that they will be in better position to attempt the exam. We cant guarantee for sure that exactly same questions will come in the exam, however we cover all most all type of scenarios which will make real exams more predictive. This will increase the confidence the students. Thats our aim always. Please do send us feedbacks using “Ask our Experts” option on any questions, wherever you see their is an issue or something needs to be done wrt the question. We will surely look into the issue.

We would love to have your feedback on overall exam experience. Please do let us know if we missed out on any topics and scenarios, we will work on them and add new questions.


Hi all,

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