AWS SA Pro Passed Yesterday 09/27/2018


Cleared AWS SA Pro yesterday and wanted to thank Whizlabs for all the practice tests. I had seen a previous post claiming that he had got 90% on the whizlabs practice tests, but failed the real test. I’ll be honest I failed the whizlabs test on my first attempt for the Diag test and the first three Practice tests. However, I cleared the actual test with a 94% score. So for all of you who are doubting whether the whizlabs practice tests are legit, please don’t! Just read all the questions in detail, understand the answers given along with AWS documents as reference material…you’ll be fine. I also completed the course, some advanced topics including BGP, VPC Peering, Redshift, EMR, Opsworks, Elastic Beanstalk and Transit VPC from various references outside of aforementioned study material. Make sure you understand VPC, subnets, route tables, security groups, NAT, ENI, EIP, ELB, LDAP, SSO, Identity Federation, DynamoDB, RDS, Kinesis and SQS inside out. It is not an easy exam, do not take it lightly but I felt completely prepared and during the real test, after answering the first ten or so questions…I knew I was clearing this exam!
Hope this helps!


Did you take the AWS practice test and if so do you know what you scored ?

I am taking my test Friday, but got a 45 on the actual practice test from AWS. Liek you said I failed pretty much tests 1-3 on the first try but by 4 and 5 just barely passed. I retook all and got 85 plus. It seemed like on the AWS practice test I get pretty much every question that I still didn’t understand and would stumble on during the whizlabs test. I’m going to go through them all 1 more time and also read the white papers tomorrow. Just curious if you took the practice test before the real 1 and what you go vs how much more did you prepare. I know they say expect 10ish points higher on the real exam which for me is still a decent gap from passing.