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AWS SAP - CO1 Failed


Failed in AWS SAP CO1 exam. Whizlabs team should update the AWS SAP CO1 practice tests otherwise please rename the practice test course to old version. All practice questions are from old versions. Whizlabs just renamed the practice test title to SAP CO1. But every practice tests are from old syllabus even not changed the pass mark. Totaly bad experience.


So sorry you failed the exam. I am using their practice tests for SAP-C01 and they have made a good progress in their update. They recently added new questions on AWS Organizations, AWS Shield and many others but yes, it seems that it is still lacking. I am eagerly waiting for their updates. Because of this, I am using A Cloud Guru’s course and Tutorials Dojo Udemy practice tests. Could you share the services and scenarios asked in the actual exam? i heard there are a lot of questions on Systems Manager, AWS Config, Transit VPC, Direct Connect Gateway (LAG) etc… Is this true?


Dear Whizlabs team

Any update about SAP C01 Practice test new version


Hi Rahul,

We have updated the questions, you can check the latest one. The questions are covered with new topics.


Hi Rahul

We updated our AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (SAP - C01) Practice Tests, to make it appropriate for Feb 2019 Exam Version.

We recently updated our Practice Tests with the new topics that were included in 2019 version. Here’s a list of a few of the 40+ topics that were included, spread across various practice tests:

AWS Organizations, AWS SCP (Service Control Policies) vs IAM Policy, AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) vs. CloudFormation (in deploying Lambda with DynamoDB), AWS SMS (Server Migration Service), Systems Manager various components, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon DLM (Data LifeCycle Manager), S3 Intelligent Tiering, SQS FIFO queue,AWS Batch, AWS X-RAY, AWS Blockchain, Consolidated Billing, Direct Connect LAG etc.

Our CSAP Practice Tests are up to date in terms of topics, pattern & aptness of the latest real exam. Having said that, we always strive to maintain the quality of our products with continuous updates based on customers reviews. Feel free to share your feedback.

Thank You.


Hi Basant,

FYI, Still now this practice test are not alligned with new exam Feb 2019. You should it update again…As per lots of review whizlabs test not good for SAP C01 Exam


Please update the questions


Hi Rahul

As a part of operational maintenance & upgrade, we regularly update our practice tests with new questions (& remove the outdated ones) based on customer feedback & our internal assessment. We’ll definitely update it again once we have enough actionable inputs.

  • Do you have any specific suggestion for missing topics or change in pattern to make the SAP C01 a better product?

Thank you.


I gave the exam yesterday and I don’t think these practice test are aligned with new exam Feb 2019. You should it update again…These tests are not good for the new exam.


Hi Basant,

Please update the Practice test asap & remove outdated questions. I have an exam in next week.

I didnt get any positive review or anyone has passed using whizlabs SAP C01 till now.


Hi Basant

Waiting for your reply.


Hi Rahul

As responded in an earlier thread here, we’ve already removed the outdated questions & added fresh questions on 40+ newly introduced topics of SAP C01.

The questions which are still existing are definitely appropriate & valid. Say for example, questions testing your skills on EC2 or S3 (or other core services) will be there in the exam.

Having said that, our team is reviewing the tests based on various inputs that we’ve received from our customers. We’ll soon plan an update & announce it via various channels.

As you’re preparing for the exam, can you point out a few missing topics that you want us to include? Or any other suggestion which you think can improve the quality of the SAP C01 practice tests?

Thank You.


Hi All,

Please kindly share and update recent exam passing or failing experiences after studying SAP-CO1 course by Whizlabs?

I am planning to answer at the end of this month, so getting feedback from those who sat the exam is very much appreciated and helpful for not only exam taker like me but also for course developers like Whizlabs to continuously improve on it for us in turn.

Thank you, appreciated.


Hi Basant,

Please review the Final Test of SAP C01 Practice test. Where I get maximum questions from old syllabus. But whizlabs suggest students take this final test day before of AWS actual exam.

I found one questions where you have referred M3.large type instance.

AWS syllabus upgraded lot. Old M3 class are not used prodction level now adays.

Lots of simple old question you have found if you go through final practice test 2019 version. There is a lot of small questions. But 2019 exam are multiple scenario based as per i know and questions are so tuff.Pls check the test again and get back asap

Pls review the Practice test. You have too lazy team who are not sincerely update the test and didnt check after uploading or updating. Please review my claim asap


Rahul, Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention. We’ll review the “Final Test”. The team will look into your claim as well.


Hi Basant, Waiting for your reply…I have an exam this week



I am taking this test next week. I too need a response ASAP!


We’re reviewing the Final Test. As stated earlier, review & update of Practice Tests is a continuous process.

The current set of Practice Tests cover the entire domains (with relevant topics) mentioned in the blueprint of the new version of the SAP exam. Please let me know if we’ve missed any topic. We’ll definitely add it.


Did you gave the exam? Does these questions helped ?