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AWS- Solution Architect Associate


Hello All,

I have some doubts about the answers. Can you please correct me if I’m wrong and make understand ?

  1. A company has a legacy application using a proprietary file system and plans to migrate the application to AWS. Which storage service should the company
    A. Amazon DynamoDB
    B. Amazon S3
    C. Amazon EBS
    D. Amazon EFS
    Answer: D

  2. A call center application consists of a three-tier application using Auto Scaling groups to automatically scale resources as needed. Users report that every
    morning at 9:00 AM the system becomes very slow for about 15 minutes. A Solution Architect determines that a large percentage of the call center staff starts
    work at 9:00 AM, so Auto Scaling does not have enough time to scale out to meet demand.
    How can the Architect fix the problem?
    A. Change the Auto Scaling group’s scale out event to scale based on network utilization.
    B. Create an Auto Scaling scheduled action to scale out the necessary resources at 8:30 AM every morning.
    C. Use Reserved Instances to ensure the system has reserved the right amount of capacity for the scale-up events.
    D. Permanently keep a steady state of instances that is needed at 9:00 AM to guarantee available resources, but leverage Spot Instances.
    Answer: B