AWS Solution Architect Exam Passed -3rd Dec 2018


Score 869 from 1000 possible points - AWS is so broad and has so many different questions available that you just need to cover the most subjects you can - Exam will be changed from one day/place to other

I have just achieved “AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate” certification valid til December 2020.

I would like to share what I did to get it in case someone else is interested in trying to achieve this kind of challenging certification and he/she would like to follow same path.

1st thanks to A Cloud Guru, , for making possible to get very nice contents at affordable price - I took more than 60 pages of personal notes of those A Cloud Gurus videos and I did learn a lot. I will continue to use more A Cloud Guru courses to keep learning around Cloud.

2nd buy Whizlab exams to practice in real conditions, I learned also a lot, failing many times with many tricky question and understanding later with the detailed technical explanations of the exams. Thank you.

3rd - “AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate” is not and easy exam. I had to study hard despite having several years hands on experience on AWS Cloud, but AWS has accelarated and evolve so amazingly recently that it is really difficult to keep up. This exam has given me the opportunity to better understand AWS Cloud possibilities but I still have a lot to learn. Take a view to certification path


Congrats, Inigo!

Your exam score is marvellous!

Whizlabs Team.


Whizlabs Practice Exams have also been very helpful to me as well. There were very nice question which cover a wide variety of topics.

Thanks Whizlabs for the questions for AWS CSAA.


Hello Ankur,

Thanks for your valuable feedback!

Whizlabs Team