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AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam - new course material on Whizlabs starting March 23rd?


So I’m signed up for the videos, labs and practice tests on the whizlabs site for the AWS SAA exam. Right away I notice differences between what’s in the course and what I’m actually dealing with. I also understand that on March 23rd of this year there will be a new exam. I understand about reading the whitepapers and so forth, but my concern is what I’m watching now in the videos will be outdated with the new test material. Will whizlabs have a new course ready when the new test comes out on the 23rd? I just want to make sure I prepare properly for the exam, and while I’m guessing I could push myself extremely hard the next couple weeks to take it before the 23rd that might not be the best thing to do. Any information would be great.



Will the practice exam that we bought change to the current exam? or we need to buy the latest? Some are saying that it’s just 10% added new material in the New SAA.


Top Skills a Cloud Architect Needs to Be Successful

Industry Technical Credentials

Obviously, a cloud architect should also have the important technical skills to serve as the foundation for cloud architecture planning and the management, including fundamental programming, software development and continuous integration, continuous deployment (CICD), database, networking and security skills, current application architecture skills, and then some.

Furthermore, cloud architects can achieve an industry-recognized cloud certifications, for example, the new AWS Certified Solutions Architect–Associate certification, which approves the capacity to design and deploy well-architecture solutions on AWS that meet client requirements.

Over the ten years, I have seen cloud computing evolve from a relatively unknown technology to the main driver of business results. While the technology has developed and changed significantly, most skills expected to succeed in its utilization have remained to a great extent steady. By focusing on understanding how to utilize the cloud to its maximum capacity—and engaging the experts who make that possible—we can take advantage of the gigantic scope of opportunities cloud creates for organizations and employees to thrive.