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AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Exam Passed with Help from Whizlabs!


Hey All,

I recently passed the AWS CSAA and wanted to provide some brief feedback from my prep. I do not have an IT background and started working for an IT consulting company in internal process improvement 1.5 years ago. For over a year I have intermittently studied but nothing serious. I had been using the acloudguru course and some AWS sandbox practice. About two months ago I decided to go heads down and focus. I heard about Whizlabs practice tests so purchased the package. Each week I would take a practice test then go over all of the answers. The depth that Whizlabs provides for all test answers really elevated my knowledge of the AWS environments quickly. For most of the tests I was getting mid to low 70%. Knowing VPC’s were a heavy focus for the exam I also found a great blog that helped understand the broad concepts of VPC design https://start.jcolemorrison.com/aws-vpc-core-concepts-analogy-guide/. I also took the AWS official practice test and got an 80%. After taking all of the Whizlab practice exams and watching a few last minute reminder videos from the acloudguru class I took the exam and received an 812. Again, I had little to no IT background but felt Whizlabs prepared me for the test with the great explanations of questions.

With regards to the actual exam, I had quite a few questions on OAI, S3 storage types, VPC design, and RDS. The OAI threw me off but thankfully one of our clients is using it. Whizlabs maybe some questions on OAI would be great for future practice tests.

I would highly recommend these practice tests from Whizlabs. Thank you for the help with passing the exam!

And to everyone else that feels underprepared…don’t worry too much. Just study the main concepts and you’ll do great. I felt underprepared until I started taking all of the practice tests. They boosted my confidence. Good luck!

Thanks Whizlabs!