AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam Feb 18th Update


I took the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam today and I will says the practice test or exam on Whizlab was not useful at all. Not even a single questions came from the practice exam on Whizlab. I will advise you guys to carry out a total complete change of the practice test you guys make people to purchase, as it not relevant in anyway whatsoever. Just to say that I failed the exam. Even training on and Linux academy was not helpful in anyway whatsoever. I will encourage anyone planning to write the exam any time soon to go learn topics such as;. Also I will encourage anyone to probably wait till end of March to get familiar with this new topics and exam questions

AWS Mechanical Turk
AWS Organization
Storage Gateway
Lambad API Gateway intergrations

  • Serverless architectures using S3, API Gateway, Lambda, CloudFront, Cognito, DynamoDB
  • CloudFront caching behaviour
  • Lambda@edge
  • CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodeCommit, CodePipeline
  • Separation of business units and permissions using multiple AWS accounts, AWS Organizations, OUs, Service Control Policies in combination with IAM policies and roles
  • Consolidated billing using AWS Organizations, Cost Explorer and use of tagging to assess costs across different business units
  • Rekognition
  • X-Ray
  • CloudFormation, AWS Serverless Application Manager
  • S3 encryption options, versioning, S3 events triggering Lambda, S3 bucket policy vs IAM policy for S3 access
  • VPC endpoint for S3
  • Networking, VPC peering, routing, NAT instances, NAT gateways, Internet Gateways
  • EC2, EBS, provisioned IOPS vs GP2
  • Network capability of different EC2 instance sizes
  • DirectConnect vs VPNs
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • OpsWorks vs Systems Manager for software installation, patching and updates
  • Dynamo DB, Dynamo DB streams triggering Lambda
  • Migrations including data transfer from on prem to AWS
  • Storage limits for Snowball and SnowMobile
  • Storage Gateway, Stored Volume, Cached Volume, File and Tape Library modes
  • VM Import / Export
  • Cloudwatch Logs and Cloudwatch Logs Agent
  • Kinesis Data Firehose vs Kinesis Data Streams
  • AWS Batch
  • SQS and SNS
  • Simple Workflow, Step Functions
  • AWS RDS MySQL vs Aurora - database size, multi-AZ and multi-region capability
  • Database Migration Service and Schema Conversion Tool
  • Redis cluster - only supported in a single availability zone
  • Elastic Map Reduce
  • Athena and Quicksight
  • Elasticache - Redis and Memcache options
  • ElasticSearch and Kibana
  • KMS, Key access policies, CloudHSM
  • Integration with on premise Active Directory
  • AWS Directory Services options


All those topics were at your exam?


Yes all these topics were in the exam


Hi shoby231,

Thank you so much for the feedback.

  • We have already started working on this.

  • There are many topics added with the new exam.

  • We have added around 55 new questions in last month and are working continuously to add further.

As you know that it is a very tough exam. So we taking exam ourselves to make sure exam questions are consistent and also to undersatnd what we are lacking. We need to undersatnd the type of new scenarios questions which AWS real exam has so that it will be much more helpful for the students.

Progressive updates are being made.

Thank you.


Hi pavan,

Do you update the AWS SAP 2019 practice tests, I have a plan to take this exam on April 1st week.

Pls confirm AWS SAP C01 practice test are updated


Hi Rahul,

We have already updated around 100+ questions. New questions are added as part of Full practice tests. Old and outdated questions are removed from full practice Tests.


Thanks pavan. I have a plan for exam in first week of april. Do u have any more updates in the mean time.

Also pls update the practice test pass mark


Hi Rahul,

  1. Yes… We are continuing with our update as its new exam. There are lot of new exam pattern questions which are coming up. We are working on adding more and more.

  2. I dint get the 2nd part of your question: Update pass mark meaning?


In whizlabs SAP C01 practice tests shows pass marks is 65%. But it should be 75% as per new version.


Hi Rahul,

I think you are correct. I have created a task for it. It will be updated.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi ,AWS Pro SA is up to date ?


Hi Chandramouli

Yes, it is updated based on the new blueprint & customers feedback. We’ve added questions on 40+ relevant topics.

To name a few AWS Organizations, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon EKS, Amazon DLM (Data LifeCycle Manager), S3 Intelligent Tiering, SQS FIFO queue, AWS Batch, AWS X-RAY, AWS Blockchain, Consolidated Billing, Tag based reports , Cost and Usage Report, Direct Connect LAG etc.

We’re confident that the freshly added questions will assist you in getting the right training to face the challenges expected in the new SAP-C01.

Having said that, we continuously strive for making our products better & feedback from our customers does help us going forward in the right direction.


Thank you for the update.


I am planning to take exam in May 2019 , please let me know how many questions are from Whizlabs ?Please suggest.