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AZ-300 and AZ-301 Exams



Can the practice exams for the 70-535 exam be useful in passing the AZ-300 or AZ-301 exam?

Additionally, will Whizlabs be creating practice test for the AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams?



I am looking into the same. Please let us know when AZ-300 and 301 will be available


Same here. looking forward to that


We are working on these questions. It will be launched in a month.


Yes, 70-535 practice tests are helpful in AZ-300 and AZ-301 exam preparation as these new exams contain some objectives that were previously covered in the 70-535 with many additional objectives. So, you can try 70-535 practice tests but going for exactly AZ-300 and AZ-301 practice tests will be better.
Apart from practice tests, you need to follow the right preparation track. Go through the following guides to prepare and pass the exams:
AZ-300 exam preparation guide
AZ-301 exam preparation guide



I am currently preparing to pass these two certification.
Can you tell me if the practical tests for the AZ-300 and AZ-301 will be available soon.

Thank you


It’s been over 30 days since you said the practice exams would be ready in a month. Do you now have a target date as to when they will be ready?


Has anyone used the question series from Whizlabs for passing az300 cert? Is it ready now?


I don’t think they’ve made practice questions for AZ-300 yet.


Ok. I see the test series for az300 but want to know if it is proved.


Thanks for AZ-300 labs, they are usefull and uptodate, I have passed with 876 :grin:


For the labs use the az-100 course, they are valid for AZ-300 :wink:


Thats great news. So AZ300 questions are up to date now? Only buying and going through AZ300 questions should suffice right?


Warning, they are 2 labs in the AZ-300 exams, if you purchase this test , you must purchase online cours AZ-100 for the labs !
AZ-300 test has 38 q and two labs with 17 tasks, this tasks are explain on AZ-100 online course on Whizlabs :wink:


Anyone else having issues opening the Case Study Links in AZ300 Exams? If so how did you resolve? I’ve tried using different browsers and Private Mode… No luck.


How hard was the exam?


Yes this exam are hard, but Whizlabs can help you :innocent: Practice exam are uptodate !


I want81% score to pass and i did it thanks to realdumpspdf. com


Hi, I am preparing for the AZ-300 exam, Has anyone passed the exam.

And can any one tell me about the live labs in exam, are they include in Wizlabs practice test.