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AZ-300 practice tests


Just took my AZ-300 exam, and regretfully, only 3-4 questions from the practice test came out.
although the practice test is useful only to learn additional knowledge about Azure, but it is practically useless when it comes to exam accuracy or even closeness to what the exam will be asking.


I absolutely agree with your statements. But I have to say that I also had additional practice test from other well known sources and the conclusions were the same. In fact, I got surprised after taking the exam because a very high percentage of the questions were unexpected and there were not labs. The good news was that I passed the exam with a score of 850. Somehow part of my knowledge on AWS helped me with some tricky questions.


This is the story of my journey to az103
I originally started learning in August 2019 and initially passed azure az900. That needs to be done first I strongly recommend. I read continually online until May 2020 using whizlabs, Microsoft and other exam topic locations. I would recommend to avoid sitting the az-300 exam until you pass each practice exam with 90% pass rate or more and then do them again once more until its ingrained in your mind. I then wrote every important article down and used fluorescent pens to highlight important points. It took 6 months of hard study but I finally passed my az300 with the help of whizlabs