Az 302 practice questions


Just as an FYI, the questions from the practice exam are super close to the ones from the actual exam. I was surprised how well they matched:)

The labs are a pain, but don’t despair, most of the problems are about loging-in , so you might have to open a incognito window and browse to (it seems impossible as you cannot really see the browser bar in the exam, but IT IS THERE, just move your cursor to the top and it will appear!).

I used almost all the time allocated, mostly due to the slow labs that were not very fast to provision the resources required.

Overall I thought it was simpler than the full 70-535 exam, but to each own…lol


Agree that several of the standard questions are very similar. I really struggled with the lab questions, but that’s more because i don’t use the Azure Portal as part of my role so I have less familiarity with it than most taking this exam.

I still passed this exam at the first sitting (748), but with a much lower score than the 70-535 (876) which is 100% theory.