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AZ-400 Azure Exam


Hello, do you know if Practice exam for AZ-400 on Whizlabs are valids and up2date ? Thanks ! i want pass this exam on September…


Yes, even though you won’t find question that is identical to the exam, it’s able the same level you can get. The exam consists of multiple parts, one of them is question and answer, the other one actually require you to logon to a virtual machine to solve the problem listed (around 10 tasks) that needs to completed (i.e. set alert notification on a existed vm under azure env.). That part I think is the hardest as you have to know what you’re doing and required to understand environment and what was already there. The practice won’t help on that part. However, I think the practice help you some of the question part.
Watch out in some case, they might not just ask you to choose the multiple answer from the question, they asked you to put in chronological order.

Afterall, it’s a quite an challenging exam, and I am glad I’ve passed it.

Hope that helps