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Can't keep up with the pace of online PMP mock exams


I am preparing to pass PMP exam. i need certification for promotion. And I HAVE TO pass it from the 1st attempt. I’m not sure if I’m ready to schedule it. I read PMBOK once ( skipping some parts) and I read 2 more books with theory. Then i practiced sample questions. There are some options online. Also i did PMP Exam Simulator but I can’t keep up with the pace. In other words the mock exam is 4 hours, but it’s not enough for me to answer all of the questions. I answer most of the questions correctly, but it looks like I’m slow.
If anyone passed PMP already, please give advice how to answer faster


I would practice more if I were you. Btw during the exam even if you need to use the bathroom- the clock keeps going. Keep that in mind