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Choose among RDS Redshift DynamoDB ES


An organization needs a data store to handle the following data types and access patterns:

  • Key-value access pattern
  • Complex SQL queries and transactions
  • Consistent reads
  • Fixed schema

Which data store should the organization choose?
A. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
B. Amazon Redshift
C. Amazon DynamoDB
D. Amazon Elasticsearch Service


Amazon RDS handles all these requirements, and although Amazon RDS is not typically thought of as
optimized for key-value based access, a schema with a good primary key selection can provide this functionality.
Amazon S3 provides no fixed schema and does not have consistent read after PUT support. Amazon Kinesis
supports streaming data that is consistent as of a given sequence number but doesn’t provide key/value access.
Finally, although Amazon DynamoDB provides key/value access and consistent reads, it does not support SQLbased


Key points to be considered for each option:
Option A - ~key value access pattern, complex sql queries, transaction, consistent read, fixed schema
Option B - Transaction support is absent
Option C - Only provides consistent reads(if configured) and key value access pattern
Option D - ~key value access pattern , consistent reads