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Choose Presto or Pig?


An Amazon EMR cluster using EMRFS has access to petabytes of data on Amazon S3, originating from multiple unique data sources. The customer needs to query common fields across some of the data sets to be able to perform interactive joins and then display results quickly.
Which technology is most appropriate to enable this capability?

A. Presto
B. MicroStrategy
C. Pig
D. R Studio

A or C?


presto, pig is not needed here


@tom Thanks for swift reply. Why Pig is not needed here?


Presto would be most appropriate answer due to following phrase in the question “interactive joins and then display results quickly
Pig is more suitable for batch processing and Presto for interactive queries.


Thanks @Sushant_Choudary.


Presto - interactive queries and expect response times ranging from sub-second to minutes.