Cleared AWS Pro with 88%


Whizlab Team,

I want to thank you for providing great material for CSA Pro exam preparation. Support experts were very kind and quick in response. I was able to clear it this time with 88%. Below is my score.
Topic Level Scoring:
1.0 High Availability and Business Continuity: 100%
2.0 Costing: 75%
3.0 Deployment Management: 85%
4.0 Network Design: 85%
5.0 Data Storage: 100%
6.0 Security: 85%
7.0 Scalability & Elasticity: 81%
8.0 Cloud Migration & Hybrid Architecture: 85%

I believe we have scope of improvement in the areas of Security and Scalability & Elasticity. Probably logic of correct answers need to be revisited.


Hello Deepjoy,

Congrats on getting certified! Thanks for your kind words.

Whizlabs Team


Prenesh, CONGRATS Man :slight_smile:
Can you please share your study sources and some tips and tricks, if possible.



Hello Deepjoy,

Could you please let us know, on how did you prepare for the Pro SA exam, i am planning to take this November


Hello Ashokv,

Please practice all the test and please go through white paper & reinvent videos related to Security , Networking and Storage.


How similar are the practice quiz to the actual exam?