Developer Associate Exam Feedback


Hello everyone - I took (and passed) the AWS Developer certification today. This is not an easy exam unless you have a good bit of hands-on experience, and a deep application development background.

Covered Services and topics:
DynamoDB: Calculate RCUs/WCUs, determine partition & sort keys (and a few questions asked about creating a GSI, and which would be hash, and what would be range), throughput and throttling errors, performance tuning.
Lambda: Lambda questions were usually intertwined with other services: integrations with API Gateway, and many questions about redeploying legacy applications in AWS. Speaking of which…
API Gateway: My exam questions hit API Gateway hard. Deploying APIs, how to deploy multiple versions, stages and environments, troubleshooting.
S3: static website hosting, integration with IAM/Access policies, integration with CloudFront
EC2, ECS, Docker and Load Balancing: very surprised to see the number of questions that had to do with these topics. Many questions were around connectivity and enabling both horizontal and vertical scaling.
RDS: Only a small number of questions - again, had to do with connectivity (connect to a lambda function and also enable connectivity to an external endpoint).
SQS: the usual stuff.
Beakstalk: for the love of all that’s holy, study Beanstalk. .ebextensions, upgrade scenarios, redeploys, etc.
Finally, CodeDeploy - you’ll need to know how to deploy code via CodeDeploy to rule in/out questions related to other topics.

There were very few, if any, questions about actual API calls. Know the different types of deployments (all-in-one, rolling, rolling with batch, immutable, blue-green, canary) and what applies to what services.
My experience with WhizLabs? It didn’t fully fulfill my expectations. There was some discrepancy between which set of test bank questions to use (both 2019 and 2018 questions are online) but the Exam Blueprint clearly still uses the 2018 topics.

I haven’t gotten my domain scores yet but this exam was not easy. I don’t know if I drew horrible questions or if the exam is transitioning to the 2019 materials but the online course material that I used and the practice exams did not line up well with the actual exam questions.

Good luck to all that pursue this certification. I’m glad to have it behind me but I don’t look forward to the re-certification in two years.


Hi Georgesophy

Congratulations for your success! Thanks a ton for the time & effort you’ve put for sharing your experience with specific topic details. It’ll definitely help others in their preparation. We continuously update our practice tests & video courses based on the valuable feedback we receive from our customers.

To avoid any versioning issues, I’ll checkout with the team as far as nomenclature of the practice tests are concerned.

  • Did we miss any specific topic in our CDA practice tests? Any other suggestion for improvement?

— Basant