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DevOps Pro Exam Feedback


I just took the DevOps Pro exam and failed. I have 3 associate and 1 security-specialty certs. From those experiences, this is by far a totally different level. First of all, 180 minutes 75 questions, 95% questions are long (more than 3+ lines or few paragraphs) and same go to the each answer. 2+ minutes each question that made me out of time and rush to pick an answer. Secondly, I have DevOps Pro course on Udemy site and this practice tests for mainly preparation, but still not advance/complex enough for studying DevOps Pro material. All the questions are conjunction with other services, I need to know how each services work together in depth. Here are some highlights:

  1. Monitor premises instance, “-mi” prefixed.
  2. Lambda to get latest AMI for Cloudformation.
  3. A DynamoDB primary key, sort key, and LSI question.
  4. Aurora replica and DynamoDB global table for high availability scenario.
  5. How to manage licensed instances (without using AWS License Manager).
  6. A lot of Codebuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, Cloudformation, Elastic Beanstalk mix scenarios.
  7. Lambda came up a lot with AWS Config, CloudWatch and other services.
  8. OpsWorks auto healing with CloudWatch event, initiated_by": [ “auto-healing” ] }
  9. Some AWS ES service questions.
  10. How to secure CodeBuild Buildspec.yml’s variables (contain access key/ID, DB connection strings)?
  11. How to deploy on premises application to have same on AWS environment.
  12. Canary deployment case.
  13. How to access AWS SSM Parameter Store secure strings, role and policy.
  14. API came up few for deployment cases.
  15. A lot of CloudWatch events, logs questions with many other services together.
  16. Kinesis Firehose and Stream service.


Hi Saleng

We’re sorry to hear that you couldn’t clear the exam. This experience will definitely help you in preparing for the next attempt. Good Luck.

Your following observation is spot on:

“All the questions are conjunction with other services, I need to know how each services work together in depth.”

The topics that you’ve shared are quite useful & will help others in exam preparation. Thank you for the valuable write-up.

We at Whizlabs continuously strive to update our Practice Tests based on the feedback that we receive regularly from our customers.

Do you want to share any specific suggestion/feedback for improvement of our DevOps Practice Tests/Video Course.

Thanks in anticipation,
– Basant.


I just took DevOps Pro Exam and failed also. I am certified in AWS Solutions Architect Associate, Developer, and SysOps as well. I went in to the exam getting over 90% on the last couple of Whizlabs practice exams. (My trailing average of the last 4 practice exams were 90% on Whizlabs). I can tell you that the new DevOps tests from Feb 2019 and the current AWS DevOps Engineer exams do not correlate at all. I think the assessment that Saleng76 provided is very indicative of what I saw also, but wanted to add a bit so that people that are looking to take the exam soon are prepared.

  1. Very little about OpsWork, but there was an elaborate, long and complex scenario question about Puppet.
  2. I did ran in to On-Prem with “-mi” prefix as well.
  3. Questions about DynamoDB and setting up keys are definitely there (they are elaborate so you have to really study NoSQL best practice in setting up tables based on different scenarios)
  4. Code Deploy, Code Commit, Code Pipelines were probably 1/3 of the test, if not more.
  5. I did see ES service as well, and did also see Athena.
  6. I also saw a ton of Inspector and security questions: (Security related questions were probably 1/3 of the test). I am considering reviewing the security certs class first before taking the test again.
  7. I also saw API gateway questions.
  8. Kinesis Firehose and Stream were there on my exam as well, along w EMR and Redshift and ES. Not a lot.
    9 The questions on the real exam was considerably longer than the practice tests provided here. Since I am already getting 90s on the materials here, (I think the material is not up to date, I studied all of the links on the practice exam explanation, and did the deep dive on the topics as well) I will certainly be looking for other references that align with the current content. The scenarios are a lot more complex on the real exam and combines often 4 concepts instead of 3 concepts on the practice exams. The associate exams at Whizlabs was really consistent with the real exam, however I can not say the same about the DevOps exam.


Hi Daisuke_ Itoga

Regret to hear that you couldn’t clear the exam. I fully understand how hard it is when you’re unable to pass the exam even after investing significant amount of time, effort & money.

We’ve already replaced many outdated questions with fresh questions on new (& existing) topics to make our DevOps Pro Practice Tests fully aligned with the new version of the exam.

Many questions on below topics were added recently (a few of them will appear by early next week):

CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeStar,
Canary Deployment, Red/black Deployment, Infrastructure as Code implementation, Cost optimization via automation, Amazon Macie, Quick Sight, Personal Health Dashboard, Cloudwatch - logs, events, metrics, triggers. Many more new questions are planned to be added within a couple of weeks.

As a part of operational maintenance & upgrade, we regularly update our practice tests with new questions (& remove the outdated ones) based on customer feedback & our internal assessment. Our team is analyzing the topics shared by you. We’ll definitely add fresh questions on those topics.

Yes, we’re listening to you! Thank you for your feedback.




Thanks for the update and am looking forward to seeing the new questions. I will certainly try them out, and hopefully hear more feedback from others to gather intelligence, before jumping back on that test.
I have to say that these questions were beasts.
On a separate note, I did hear that for those test takers who are not English as a first language could request 30 minutes additional for the test prior to signing up.
I am certainly looking to sign up for that as others should as well. It is nearly impossible to finish 80 questions with current format given its complexity and length, especially if you are ESL.


Hi everyone. I just passed the DEVOPS certification.
First of all, thank you guys saleng and Daisuke for you feedback, I believe that helped me a lot !

As said previously, it was very hard. I asked for +30min as ESL but didn’t need it. I finished the test in 2h57minutes.

few topic I remember :

  • Inspector to validate AMI
  • S3 came up a lot. Deny policies, what happen if you try to access a file that have been moved to glacier etc …
  • Code familly came up a lot ! know everything about those services.
  • canary with lambda and API gateway
  • A lot of config too
  • cloudtrail came up a lot. Integrity check
  • cloudwatch (metric, event and logs) know everything about it and how it integrate with other services
  • Access advisor, know how to make a report on service not used for the last XX days
  • Trusted advisor and EC2 usage + lambda
  • Aurora and global database
  • DR with RDS (read relica etc…) Remember RPO / RTO
  • Dynamo DB with global table and LSI/projected attribute
  • SSM came up a lot (mi prefixed, run command, patch)
  • codebuild buildspec.yml (best practise and secure password etc…)
  • codedeploy lambda canary deploy (all deployment type canary and linear)
  • codedeploy appsepc.yml (environnement variables)
  • Lambda to get latest AMI for Cloudformation
  • How to manage licensed instances (without using AWS License Manager)

My advice to success :

  • forget about ACG course, it sucks and it’s expensive.
  • Linux academy is better, and also 2 courses from udemy, one from Arpan Solanki and one from Zeal Vora, shout out to both of you guys if you read me.
  • Read all the Whitepaper for devops.
  • READ ALL the documentation of CODE familly (remember all the uses cases) elastic beanstalk, SSM, Config, S3.
  • Whizlabs is fine but really need an update. The real exam way is harder !
  • do sample questions and the practice exam ! For instance I had 25% the first time I took the practice and 50% the second time, I was really disappointed but that is what made me realize that video courses are NOT enough.

Hope that is useful. Hit me up if you need more advices.

Next step SA PRO !


Hi Baptiste_S

Congratulations for your achievement! We at Whizlabs love to hear about your success. Thank you for enriching this thread with your valuable feedback.

Yes, from last 3 weeks we’re already updating our DevOps Pro tests. Information has been provided in an earlier thread here.

  • Please share your suggestion for improvement of Whizlabs DevOps Pro Practice Tests. Any missing topic?
  • Did you use Whizlabs DevOps video course as well for your preparation?

Thank you.


Hello Basant,
I have being following this thread and noticed comments from takers of the DevOps Professional Cert and their inputs. I would like to ask when would those inputs be implemented in the Practice Tests and how would we know when those new questions are updated to the Practice test.


Hi Niyi

In general, now for DevOps Pro we’re replacing the outdated & updating many fresh questions on more than a 6 to 7 topics, every week. For example I’ve shared the following information a week back.

Tentatively, most of the topics mentioned here (if suitable & found missing in our tests) should be covered in 2 to 4 weeks from now. I’ll keep updating this thread once we’ve significant number of updates. Stay tuned.

Thank you.



Thank you very much for your quick response. Will be looking forward to the updated questions


Hey Basant,
I was hoping the Whizlabs would have being updated again? But it seems its still at the last point in which it was updated. Do you have a specific date when there would be new questions added.? I would really like to know so I can schedule my exam a week after. The new additions have been very helpful. Its wonderful what you guys do.
Thanks Looking forward to your prompt response.


Hi LoNiyiO

Last week we added fresh questions on Auto Scaling Lifecycle hooks/Launch Configs/ELBs, DynamoDB – LSI & GSI, RDS (DR scenarios, CloudFormation scenarios, cross-region read replicas), Elastic Beanstalk - ebextensions as well as the deployment types. These topics are mainly spread in Practice Test II.

As shared earlier, we continuously upgrade our tests based on user feedback. Hence, it is indeed a bit difficult to share you a date! However, we’re planning to update the DevOps Pro tests quite aggressively for next one month or so.

Thanks for your appreciation. Yes, we’re listening to you. Share your feedback. We always try to ensure our practice tests are relevant & of good quality.

Stay tuned.
— Basant


Thanks Basant,
I noticed that as well. Keep it up. Really looking forward to all the topics that would be included in the future


Hi Niyi

Glad to share that the following topics are in pipeline for this week’s addition to our DevOps Pro Practice Tests.

Amazon Aurora Global Database,
Inspector to validate AMI,
CodeDeploy appspec.yml (environment variables),
Trusted Advisor and EC2 usage + Lambda,
Lambda to get latest AMI for CloudFormation,
Systems Manager (mi prefixed, run command, patch)

Do share if you come across any other missing topics. Stay tuned.

— Basant


Hi Basanth,

Which practise tests has this.


Hi Sampath

Please check DevOps Engineer Pro. Practice Test II Q# 56 onward.