DevOps Pro Practice Test II #15


I cannot use “Ask our Experts” feature in there for some reason. Here is my question, the answer is “ELB SSL termination” but it should meet the encryption in transit, and the other option “ELB using proxy protocal v1” should be the answer, am I wrong with that? Please advise.


Hi Saleng76,

I just checked Practice Test 2 - Question 15.

Yes, you are correct. The question is expecting the negative answer. - Which of these is a violation of policy?

Hence, Option A is the correct answer to this question.

I hope this clarifies your query. Please let me know if i misunderstood your query.

If possible, Can you please let me know the error you encountered while using Ask Our Experts? I will check it out.


Thank you for clarifying Pavan! For the “Ask Our Experts” issue, I tried both Chrome and IE browser, when I clicked the button, it does nothing and I do not see any pop up or error message, hope that helps.

Update: I rebooted my system, and it works now. I guess it was something stuck behind the scene.