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Devops professional exam questions are totally out of sync


I just took this exam and failed. The questions are way different from the exam. The SA and the developer exam are fine.

A lot of questions regarding inspector and SSM. The questions also combine multiple solutions together and whizlabs questions totally do not prepare u for it. I scored nearly 90-100% . My advise is don’t take the professional exams from whizlabs . They are totally wrong.

How may I proceed to get a refund on my questions as it didn’t guarantee at all.



Hi lxha

The 25 questions in the SDLC section did not appear any?


none at all.

The questions are totally off as mentioned. U are better spending your money somewhere else for the professional exams.


I got a 660 in case you are wondering. The questions combined a few solutions like kineseis firehose and cloudwatch which Whizlabs dont prepare you for.


Ok , but i see this type of question of combined resources (kinesis , cloudwatch ,etc) in the test or perhaps the question are too simple , maybe you took the whizlabs test without the new changes? my concern is i invest much time in this test


for last , how many question you see ?


the questions are too simple from whizlabs. as mentioned I was able to score pretty high on whizlabs exams.