Docker certification


Hi Team,

I’m planning to do docker certification, You have any plan for docker practice exams.



Hello Chandramouli,

Yes. We have a plan for Docker, that is one of the most interested area for us. However, it would take few months of time for Docker certification questions.


Hi Krishnas,
I’m plan to take an exam after 2-3 months. Is it possible to release practice exam before that?



Hello Chandra,

We will update you.


Hi Krishna,
Thank you ,Please



It has been almost 7 months since this question was first asked and since the first response from your team claiming that it will take “a few months” (7 > a few). You also claimed 7 months ago that you would update, that has not happened.

Has any work been done toward completing practice exams or labs for docker certification?



21 days no response…


Sorry for the delay. We are working on the questions. It will be launched in 2 weeks of time.


Up,thank you for your work, I am also interested in this certification


We have launched Docker practice questions:


Great ,Thanks …