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Don't rely only on Whizlabs


I passed the AWS CCP two days ago.

I feel like that Whizlabs preparation is not nearly enough to pass the exam.

I am not criticizing Whizlab on every level here because I do think they provide a valuable extra to your learning process, but there were just so many questions not even covered by Whizlab. Looking back at the prep tests, even though there are 185 questions, many are repeated in preps either word for word or simply reversed (what is the responsibility of AWS customer by SRM and what is the responsibility of AWS by SRM are the same question), and realistically there are about 60-80 unique questions.
On the actual exam, several questions were about services not even mentioned anywhere in the WL exams. It would have been expected to cover the syllabus a bit more thoroughly in my opinion.

Again, I passed and I think it was a valuable extra to learning, but if you’re coming from some other preps for some other certs you might be surprised how little it can help you. In my personal experience for instance Entuware is enough to prepare for OCA, OCP and OCE. You don’t get the exact same questions on the real tests, but the thing is that the entire or almost entire syllabus is covered so you really do test your knowledge on every topic you’ll be tested on.
But this is just not the case with WL. And Entuware charges less with the difference that WL is lifetime access and EW is a six months licence (but who cares, after you pass you’ll probably not care for prep material anyway and you’ll probably prepare for less than 6 months)

The only real critic I am giving WL is that they don’t make this clear. I even found statements that if you solve practice exams with over 90% you’ll pass the exams and 100% money back guarantee. This simply doesn’t hold true.

I am preparing for more advanced AWS tests in 2019 and I’m likely to buy the prep tests, but I won’t rely solely on this.


This making me anxious, I’ll be doing the exam in 4 days time.
I have done the practice tests here at WL, and got above 90%, but doing the practice exam from the book by https://digitalcloud.training/… only got 60%, which is fail.


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