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Failed AWS Certified Big Data exam


I have failed exam today and it happened just because of confusion caused by questions Whizlabs have in their dumps. They are all irrelevant for this exam.


Have you seen any familiar questions in exam??


Questions were totally in different pattern.

  1. Questions in real exam were very much scenario base. every single question
  2. Each choice was lengthy enough 2-3 lines
  3. Whizlabs questions for big data exam are more of service based

hope it clears. I do understand some people might have cleared the exam using this dumps. Although I do not expect passing exam just by doing the dump, what I expect is questions inline with pattern in dump not even same questions . highly disappointed


yes,this is the problem but whizlab does not help


[sukh] when did you take the exam? i am wondering if you saw the same questions studied in the 7 labs shared by Whizlabs? could you please confirm?


@sukh So the updated version is still not useful?


Since whizabs tests are not useful Did anyone come across any other websites which has a realistic scenario based Q asked in the exam?


I don’t know why whizlabs teams don’t reply to our messages? This is really frustrating, we need to look for another source for exam


Hi All,

New Practice tests for AWS Certified Big Data Specialty are released. Please check below thread for more details.


Does the new 2019 questions mimic the questions asked in the AWS big data exam. How was the test content prepared . if we do all the tests are we assured that the same context will appear in the exam. Thanks for the anticipated reply


Nope the 2019 versions are pretty bad in my opinion. Questions are missing answers, some answers are duplicated, questions are worded poorly, some of the answers are worded poorly or flat out wrong. They clearly outsourced the 2019 updated tests, the first rounds were okay but didn’t prepare my for the exam; the questions are heavily scenario based with multi-lined answers. Whoever made the Associate level exams, which were awesome for me, did not help make these. I’ve already voiced my opinion to the admins and they got back to me saying they’ll fix the issues, but we’ll see cause there’s a lot of issues. Anyone else feel the same way?


So which site has a good scenario Question Bank . Can someone give some suggestions


Hi Rickey,

We had some data entry related issues. All those kind of issues are resolved now. As far as technical content is concerned, please do raise a query if you are feeling that the given answer is incorrect. We will surely add more details into explanation based on your query so that it will be much clear.


Hi Sreddt6822,

The test content is created by team of AWS Big Data Experts. We have worked to make sure that questions are consistent with the exam.

Please do let me know if you have further queries.


Failed today … the questions are very different, even the size of it is not the same…
There is no huge detail for the use case like your, and a lot more questions about EMR that yours covered, lots of questions on DBLINK, Aurora… that i didn’t find almost any in yours… I sincerely feel that the test build a Bias on my preparation… that maybe I was better without it… sorry


Did you see any of questions in your exam?


No, not a single one…


Hi Danilo,
Are there questions in the new set of Whizlabs Big Data Specialty that appeared on the actual exam? I think they have updated it already this January.
Thank you!


No, not a single question, and more than that, they are very different from the new format which is much less usecases and more theory.


Sorry to hear that. :frowning: ‘2018 practice test updated’ are more on theory so it’s not updated as expected