Failed AWS developer associate exam



I have given 13 attempts of whizlabs practice tests, scoring above 95% but in the original exam I hardly see any questions from practice tests. All questions were completely new. May be the practice tests were not updated with latest syllabus. Kindly review once.


Hi Haritha

Regret to hear that you couldn’t clear the exam. I understand how hard it is when you’re unable to pass the exam even after investing a huge amount of time, effort & money.

By & large, our CDA Practice Tests are aligned with the real exam in terms of pattern & coverage of topics. This has been endorsed by many feedback that we’ve recently received.

As far as question updates are concerned, for CDA Practice tests we’ve added questions on many topics recently such as:

DynamoDB, CloudFormation, Sampling in AWS X-Ray ,Creating a Lambda State Function, Performance Optimisation in AWS S3, Creating REST API with API Gateway, Kinesis Data Streams, KMS, API Gateway, CodeDeploy errors and reverting back to previous versions etc.

A few more CDA topics are already in pipeline. We’re regularly updating our Practice Tests & it is a continuous process for us. We update our content based on customer feedback & our internal assessment when there’s a change in the syllabus/pattern/s/topic.

Thank You.