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Failed AWS sys ops exam


after completing and reviewing all the test papers and learning sys ops from linux-academy for 30 hrs i have failed the exam , do you have any suggestions for my second attempt


Have you done Hands-On Labs on Linux Academy? You haven’t specified your preparation method. Watching 30 hrs of course and doing practise tests not enough to pass the exam. Since the questions are real scenario based you need to practice a lot before attempting exam. Make free tier aws account and do some labs on each service. Break things and fix things. You need to make your hands dirty. Orelse do some Linux Academy hands on labs. Read FAQs of each Important service. After this go for practice tests and then attempt the exam. I’m sure you will be able to pass the exam with highest score. I have attempted this exam few months ago without doing any practice and labs, only relied on theory and tutorial videos and did some practice tests on whizlabs and yet Failed, I scored only 69%. My only suggestion is do labs well until you are confident.


hi Aditya,

I have linux Academy 30hrs of videos with all hands on exercises and I already have passed Solution Architect and Developer Associate Exams. I have free tier account that is that is now 1.5 years old.
Have you given second attempt, I also think since new version 2019 all exams are hard. you are right that we need extra practice. I will doing 15hrs of sysops course from whizlabs now. Then do second attempt


Hi Parag, I haven’t given 2nd attempt yet. Because I had gone through cloudguru, linuxacademy and udemy courses and there are ton of courses available for the exam but all have same content not have anything new or special to the exam. What ever the course we take tell us to do Hands On.
Im going to sit for exam only after doing many labs and practicing on every important service.


From my experience, Linux Academy, ACloudGuru and rest of the e-text clones are only good for generic information but lack of coverage for the actual exam. Hands-on labs are also a total waste of time and money if you ask me… All you really need to do is read from AWS Document page (choose Developer or User Guide section) from https://docs.aws.amazon.com. This is literally the best source of information because many questions from the exam comes straight from it.

For each services, ignore the irrelevant sections and focus entirely on the security, high availability, compliance, and monitoring. Also go through the troubleshooting section (if applicable) for each services because the exam goes heavy into that.
Example: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticloadbalancing/latest/classic/ts-elb-error-message.html#ts-elb-errorcodes-http503


You did fulfil checklist except 1 item, pratice on real aws console. My experience is for sysops you need to be doing practice labs. I did use whizlabs tests and used the questions which I’m answering incorrect, did a lab and clarified my understanding. May be this method work for you or not. Dirty hands is the only way to geton sysops


Tips for AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exam

Preparation before the exam

Refer to the AWS official exam to introduce the general direction of the positioning test.
Read the exam outline carefully to understand the knowledge points and outlines of the exam design.
According to the AWS official document combing the AWS existing essential services.
I have carefully reviewed the documents related to EC2 , IAM, and S3. These services, together with VPC and RDS, are the focus of the study, and are also the core services of AWS.

Do some exercises on AWS, including:
Established a typical network structure of public & private subnet on AWS.
Build a highly available website for ELB+Autoscaling on AWS.
Migrate your blog to AWS and use Cloud front for CDN and Route53 for DNS resolution.
Read the FAQ carefully and carefully.
Take a look at a few AWS white papers, including an overview of AWS services, architecture, security best practices, AWS best practices, and a major understanding of what architecture is a good architecture.
I did about two hundred exercises, and the fact that 20% of the exams were the original ones I have seen.
If you are interested in AWS then I recommanded you CETPA best training institute.