Failed on AWS Developer - Associate - Different Questions


I’ve taken the exam a couple days ago, and there were like 2 questions similar to the exams, everything else was different to WhizLabs exams questions! Alot of pseudo code, ALOT.

I would like to know your experience and what have you done to pass the AWS Developer associate (the new exam) and some tips to the new exam too, because whizlabs really didn’t help me. I’ve watched videos on cloud guru and read some whitepapers also.

Btw, what do you think is better for preparation, whizlabs, linuxAcademy or other?


I posted comments about the psuedocode, too - definitely not represented in practice.


Me too failed for developer exam today, except very few questions, questions are completely different Than what we have in the Whizlabs. As for solution architect associate it helped, but for latest developer this will be not enough to pass…!


Hi Gangeyan30,

I am thinking to take this exam after some days. Can you please let me know what kind of different questions were asked in the exam, that would be really helpful for me to have focused study for this exam.

Thank you.

~ Sachin. K.


Most questions asked about syntax on most of the topic. Few questions about code build and read calculation for dynamo dB,I studied a cloud guru matieral and Whizlabs practice test. But it didn’t help, pls study faqs and if possible try one practice test In aws itself before taking exam, as that’s what I am planning to do for my 2nd attempt. For 5 to 6 questions Whizlabs practice get marks for you.! Rest you need to prepare most.


Thanks buddy. But I don’t think that FAQ’s contains more information related to syntax, we need to go through the documentation for that. What is your opinion on this.



Thanks for the feedback. Can you please point me, from where can I prepare for these pseudo-code examples. I mean reading FAQ’s and White Paper should be enough. I am planning to give my exam in coming days, your inputs would be really beneficial.

Thank you.


The whole “administering” section of the guide is good.



Thanks for your valuable inputs.


Thanks for your valuable inputs.


Thanks Alex for saying the truth. I dont know why we keep deceiving our-self here, Whizlabs exams questions are different from real questions. I took the exam today, and i failed.

I will like to know how you all keep claiming that you passed the exams with these Whizlabs questions.


Hi Profjay1,

Thank you for your input and I am really sorry for your fail.
Can you share with us the real exam questions hints?
It seems that the questions from practice exam are almost the same with Whizlabs (I did it today), but, per your feedback, the real exam questions differ from Whizlab and practice exam and I really appreciate if you can help me with some suggestions. I need a quick answer if possible.
Thank you very much


Hi Sorin_Ciltea,

We need to stop lying to ourself by saying that Whizlabs exam questions are the same as the real exam questions, honestly that’s 98% not true, and also you mentioned that you took the exam today, and they are the same question??.
Honestly, we need to be open minded to ourself by saying the truth. I did the exam today & i failed. I read a lot of comments here before i took my exam. I personally thought those that failed are not serious because they are few. Now i realized that they are just using the PASSED comments to advertised & confused people.


Hi @Profjay1,

I said the practice exam, it is an online exam on AWS platform with 20 questions in 30 minutes.
It is not the same with real exam (65 questions), but I can just assume that some of the questions from practice exam (which are the same with the questions from Whizlab) might appear in the real exam also.
Please share some questions you had in your real exam if possible. This might be very helpful for me and other users which will have the exam in the real future.


Profjay - They’re not the same and they’re not supposed to be. They cover the same concepts, though. Just being able to parrot answers onto a test cheapens the certification. You have to use Whizlabs to identify those things you are not good with and focus your studies there. Read the materials they link to in the wrong answer explanations. Practice. And read more.

Don’t expect this to be handed to you - you must understand the material and be able to answer in any form presented.


Hi All,

We keep updating questions and add new questions.

We have tried our best to cover all most all type of technical scenario questions which might come in the exam.

Yes, Of course, AWS keeps randomizing and updating the questions.

Please do report us if any of the concepts or topics not covered in the practice test exam. I will surely look into it and create more questions based on those topics and scenarios.

Constructive criticism always welcome. We will try our best to improve the quality as well as quality of questions to cover vast number concepts and topics.

Whizlabs Team.


Hi Profjay1,

Please check my comments in below thread:


Same here! I have taken exam on 30th December, 2018. There were hardly 4-5 questions which were similar to Whizlabs question set!
Please note that I am saying Similar not exactly same, which I dont even expect.
Rest of the questions were totally out of world. I am saying that after taking course from aCloudGuru, Linux Academy and Whizlabs sample questions and going through white papers and FAQs.
The concepts asked were so different that I had to raise concern with AWS to confirm whether they were within the limits of the syllabus, I am yet to hear from them.
Now I wonder whether I took the right study path and how much more time I need to invest in order to get this certification ?


Hi Ashwin,

Sorry to hear that. Could you please let us know the kind of questions with some example. And what all sections might cover those things.

Thank you.


Hi Sachin,

Thanks for your reply.

First of all, the questions given in Whizlabs set like default, minimum or maximum values were not at all asked in any of the question.
I didn’t get even single problem for the DynamoDB read/write capacities estimations.
I agree that the questions were from the category or sections mentioned in the exam guide, that is deployment, security, development, refactoring and monitoring and troubleshooting. But the concepts expected were deeper than what is covered. For example multiple container, something with swagger etc.
I was so confused in middle of exam and was new to the questions asked that I cannot give the details about them.