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Failed Security Specialty


Whizlabs practice tests are not even close enough to real exam questions. I was able to get 95% at Whizlabs practice tests but I failed miserably at real exam.


Did you mean that you used the practice tests as knowledege base attempting them several times in order to reach 90% or you used them at the end of your learning period to validate your skills ?


I did practice tests at the end of my learning period to validate my skills.


And how did you preparate for your exam ?
Did you used the section test in whizlabs ?

Do you remelber the hard questions you faced during the exam ?

Lots of people are claiming that the late exam is hard as hell


Yes, Exam was tough. I appeared on 24 Oct. Question’s were not close to whizlabs test series and section questions. Somehow i managed to clear exam but i was really thinking at some moment if i would fail.
I guess, questions pool has been changed by AWS that has not updated by Whizlabs.


The Whizlabs tests cone from the paid for Amazon practice tests, the Amazon practice test are not close to what the real tests is thus the Whizlabs test are not close. There are far too many AWS services in the actual tests which do not even appear in the Whizlab tests.

Bottom line is that Whizlab tests are a milestone to reach but they are no where close to a measure to know if you are ready to take the actual test.

That is the fact, Whizlabs needs to work very hard on these tests to get them up to level where a person can measure to know if they are ready to take the actual test.



did you finally passed the Security Specialty Certification ?


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